Who We Are

KoreaPop (former AsianDB) is a Korea based online shopping mall.
We started in October of 1998 as a Korean Video&CD online store and were formerly known as iodo.com.
Our goal is to offer high quality shopping opportunities to our customers.
All of our products are officially released and best conditioned.
As big supporters of the Asian Entertainment industry, we are committed to supporting original and real entertainment products, and are against the selling and purchasing of pirated products.
We also serve our customers to find any of items which are from Korea as well.
So please feel free from us and contact with us any time.

  Customers' Comments

1/12/2015 Thank you very much. I received the item fast and in perfect condition. Thanks a lot. I will recommend your service :-) - Clemence Lecointe
21/7/2015 Excellent service, very fast shipping, thank you very much. - Clemence Lecointe
11/3/2014 Hi i have received my cds. Love it Thank you for your service :) - Amira Arina
6/2/2013 Hi, I finally received the DVD last saturday. It arrived in good condition. Thanks for the great packaging! The DVD is OK, i've watched the concert. I'm so glad i could have it as it is a very rare item. I don't regret waiting. It totally worth it. Thanks for your help. Kind regards. - Lebrun Carole
1/2/2013 Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I received my item. I am soooo happy with it, it's perfect and it was really well packed. It is such a rare item and I have been looking for it for years... You really did a great job, I still can't believe you managed to find it. Thank you so much and Best Wishes! - Zrinka Moreti
25/1/2013 I just received my order. I just want you to know how pleased I am with the jacket. It's more than what I expected. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to ordering more stuff from you. :) - Wileen Olasiman
29/11/2012 Hello! I received the disc yesterday and it works great. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service! Regards, Benjamin
16/1/2013 Hi There, The soundtrack to "Madeleine" arrived today! I have been looking for this soundtrack for at least 8 years. I am very happy I found your website. Was this your last remaining copy? All best wishes for the new year, Reg Daniel, USA
25/9/2012 I received all items and also the other order in PERFECT condition!!! they were well packed. Thank you so much for finding all these items released a long time ago and hard to find. I'm so glad to have them!!! Thanks for your help. kamsahamnida. Carole
21/5/2012 Hello! =] My latest order arrived this morning! I would just like to send this little e-mail to thank you for everything you have purchased and found for me. I really appreciate it! =] You're the best! Thank you again. - Leigh
16/5/2012 I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived safely and in great condition and the English subtitles work and everything! Thank you so much for helping me out! - Phyllis B. in Lexington KY USA
1/2/2012 I received my order today! And I wanted to say a big thank you for the this rare item! It was in much better condition then what I expected (almost perfect), and I can say that I will be ordering from you next week again when I get paid for the Man From Nowhere Limited Edition Blu Ray. Thanks again :-) - Nathan
17/11/2011 Thanks so much. The items are too good to be true because it's such a pleasure to be able to have them as rare collectibles. Thanks again for making my day!! Have a great time over there. - Pa Dee Lor
20/07/2011 I recieved my Super Junior Graphic T-Shirt in white in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for following up with my order for so long. It's a difficult item to find, so I really appreciate it. I will be sure to recommend my friends to this site too. - Catherine Chan
02/05/2011 I have received my dvds this morning, saw the 1st episode of the drama. I am very happy and satisfied with the quality of the disk and also the good english subtitle. Will be buying more korean dramas with Asiandb again. Thank you. - Serene Yeo
01/02/2011 thank you. Have a nice holydays. Glad we finally had a deal. I'll be suggesting your store in my blog and on FB, as they way to go for out of stock asian items. - Michele De Angelis
12/12/2010 I got the package already ^^ It's in very mint condition. Thank you for the hassle-free transaction. I will definitely recommend this store to my friends :) - Mary Gold Pinera
25/10/2010 I received my order and am very pleased. Thanks also for the speedy refunds. Will shop with AsianDB again. :) - Sajida
20/10/2010 Thank you for providing this online store for us Koreans in Canada !!! Kahm Sah Ham Ni Da. - S. Jeung
17/06/2010 Hello. I just want to drop by to say I've already received my package already and it was really well packed and very satisfied with my purchase. Also, not to forget how I love the customer service here. You guys really reply fast to any of my questions and I appreciated that. I will love to come back here again to purchase rare items. You guys really lived up to your name and site motto! A+. Now I'm just waiting for some stuff that is currently out of stock to be back in stock and will definitely purchase those. ^_^ Thank you again. - Mariecar Pinon
30/01/2010 Recieved my goods today. Fantastic service, great web site, really pleased and thank you again. - Neil
20/01/2010 I already recieved this beautiful soundtrack. And I just wanna say thank you! That is really fast and I didn't have to pay tax. Great! - Erik van Warmerdam (Netherlands)
16/11/2009 Hello, this is to inform you that I received the the posters and everything's perfect. Thank you for a great transaction - I appreciated everything. - Robert Ellers
21/09/2009 I've ordered from them three times (one is still processing). Asiandb has absolutely amazing customer service. No other online shop can beat it. Your email or concern is replied within 24 hours or even less. Everything with them is just fast. I get my shipment within 5 days that its shipped every single time. And I live in Canada, half across the globe from Korea. It is a 100% trustworthy company. - Rachel Fung
26/08/2009 Thanks so much for your cooperation. I received the DVD already. I really appreciate all your help on this. You were very accommodating and I am really grateful. Thanks again for your great help. - Jennifer Aquino Pascual
30/05/2009 The DVD arrived today. It was, as you promised, the correct version. Thank you for the great service. - Marvin Walowitz
27/05/2009 Hi how are you? I just wanted to write you to thank you for not giving up with my order. I thought you would not be able to find the DVD's I had ordered, but you did. I thank you for that, and it was worth the wait. Most companies would have given up, and just refunded my money. I still have one DVD left that hasn't been sent out yet, but now I am confident you will deliver what you offer. You now have a customer for life, and I will go out of my way to gladly recommend this site to every one I know and new people I meet. Congrats on the great work, and the better than great site. i look forward to the last DVD left in my order, and the future DVD's I will order from this site. For me other sites will be non exsistant. Again thank you very much. - Chris Brasuell
02/04/2009 Some days ago the CD arrived well and in top condition. Thank you very much for a perfect transaction and great communication! - Norbert Westenrieder
17/01/2009 Hy i am so happy, this week i got my dvds, in perfect condition.your service is very good. Thank you, and now i found the best asian dvd shop.I see you soon and very nice greetings from AUSTRIA. - Schilhan Markus
24/10/2008 I am very pleased with AsianDB. I got my stuff last week and although the shipment took several weeks, the item arrived safely and in perfect condition (very well protected!). Thanks for your assistance. You have a new customer. See you soon. - Ricardo Pinho
07/10/2008 Hi, I have received the item! It's in perfect condition and the shipment has been very fast! You are very kind and ready to help! I'll buy from you again!:-) Thank you so much. - Lara
06/09/2008 Just emailing to say thankyou very much for this order I received last week - all items were both perfect like I asked. Many thanks for checking through them for me. All the best - Ross Embleton
21/05/2008 A wonderful surprise!! The poster arrived today in perfect condition. I had no idea that you had shipped it. A thousand "thank you"s for getting this for me. You have made me very happy. Thank you so much. - Marvin
21/09/2007 I am ecstatic there was actually a website on the internet that had the rare H.O.T. and H.O.T.-related merchandise in-stock. I'm happy with all of the things I received, except for a few items in particular that were incredibly expensive. On top of being expensive, I also think they were used. I don't recall in any of the item descriptions saying they were used, so it kind of brings down my spirits to get stuff that isn't factory-sealed. I can appreciate new cd-cases and cleaning of the contents, but if it's not new, then it should say so. Overall though, I am happy. - Michael Galiguis
06/09/2007 I'm very happy that I received my orders~ Wow...talking about very fast. I was expecting that both of my orders will arrive in my house separately~ Thank you very much~ The service is really good~ Even though the time it took to find the album was a little bit long, the order arrived here safely. Yeah, As you said, all the CDs are original and sealed~ Again, thank you very much for the CDs..I'm loking forward for making another business with you again~ *^^* Very reliable online shop~ *^^* - Patrick Pablico
02/09/2007 I got my stuff a couple of days ago and I must say, the quality and service of this website is excellent. Keep doing what you're doing, and I wish you guys the best. Thanks for making my day. - Konica Mendez
14/07/2007 asiandb is one of the best shoping mall in the all world,i am french costumer and i buy several products all around the world with ninternet,and i must say that asiandb is really one of the most serious and friendly online shoping mall,the products are very well protected and arrived always safely,if you have any kind question they answer you imediatly and do their best to pleased you,i am a big fan of korean culture and a collector,since many years(history,literature,movies,music,sport,etc..) and asiandb is a "dream come true" shop for me. so a big thank you to the all "team"of this great korean shop. - philippe darrobers (france)
26/03/2007 I've just received and opened my package 2144-9090 and I just added'em to my 1,200 dvds clollection. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks to Asiandb. I Can't Say how happy I am..words Can't express it. AsianDB is really my Connection to Asia. Thanks for the greatest Package and Will See you on the next Order..thanks again :))) ASIANDB ROCKS :)))))))) - Emad motlaq faleh alemea [ kuwait ]
21/02/2007 Do You know What i'm listening? I got cd.Thank you so much.I'm hapiest person on world right now.Thanks everyone there. - Zeynep Esra Keser
04/02/2007 I just recieved the last item - the MUSA poster - of my order safe and sound. I wanted to thank you for your good services - the poster was perfectly packed and arrived totally without harm. Regarding that it had to travel once around the world to Europe this is a splendid job of yours. Again best thanks from a very happy customer! - Minea Bauer
16/01/2007 I'm writing to thank you for delivering this order. I really appreciate it. I had looked for these G.O.D books in many other places but they did not have them. I also want to say thanks for the BoA and G.O.D posters you included. Thank you again and keep up the good work! - Anel Garza
16/01/2007 Was in the mailbox today ! Thanks for the good service - you will see another order from me today. - Craig Herteis
05/09/2006 i am a french costumer,i have ordered several korean movie posters,movie photos,cd's in the last 4 mounths. i must say that all the items always arrived in france safely,asiandb is really a great internet shopping mall,very serious..plus you always find someone to answer your questions,very quickly. five stars for asiandb. many thanks for your kindness. - Philippe
22/08/2006 I have received Order# 2144-7787. Thank you for letting me know about the back order status. My mother is happy with the Soundtrack. - Elizabeth S Thomas-Rodolf
29/06/2006 I've received the JHJ's "Potato..." two days ago, thank you very much. I love the ribbon (although I know that was not the intention, I still luv it) Thank you again, and have a wonderful day. - Tony
19/02/2006 I recieved my order a couple days ago and I just want to say thank you very much, you guys have made it a pleasure to order from your site. I am looking forward in purchasing more items off your website. - My Nguyet Tran
01/11/2005 hey, this really isn't a question, i just wanna thank you, i received my order and i'm really happy with it, it arrived perfectly! when i find other k-movies or dramas that i'm interested, i definitely won't hesitate to order from you guys again. once again, thank you very much asiandb! - Sherman Young
12/09/2005 Thanks again for your assistance. I'm really looking forward to seeing Pyonji. I've heard it's a very good film. - Robert L. Cagle
03/09/2005 I just want to express my warm felt feelings as being part of your Asiandb family. Aloha has many meanings one most profound is Love and (Mahalo means Thank You. You will always be in my prayers. Live long happy and carefree is my mato. We only live once. Enjoy each and everyday to its fullest. Kim Tae Pyung Happyness be with you. My Lovely Kim Sam-Soon. Out standing movie. - Russell M Duarte
23/07/2005 Just wanted to confirm that we did receive our order. Thank you for your outstanding customer support. I'm pretty sure I will visit your web-site again. Thank you! - Sangjin rucci
04/07/2005 Hi! You know I REALLY love you're site! Because you've feature mostly of my favorite horror movies! And especially the pictures and poster of it! You're the BEST Asian movie site ever!!! You've INSPIRED me to do my best!!! REALLY! - alex gerardo m. reyes
17/02/2005 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of AsianDB, I just wanted to inform you that my order arrived in good shape a few days ago and delighted me very much. It seems that nothing can beat South Korea when it comes to graphic design. Beautiful movie posters! I enjoy every new mail I get from you. Many thanks for the quick and safe delievery and - of course - for the brilliant movies and the fantastic posters. All the best and tons of greetings from Bavaria - Marc Herold
04/11/2004 Just wanted to let you know that I did receive the soundtrack for "Hotelier" and I started listening to it.. I am enjoying it very much. Thank you for your assistance on this matter. Have a good day! - Elaine Kitamura
19/10/2004 hi to everyone at asian db, i feel i need to mail you and thank you for the excellent packaging in which my order arrived,bubble wrap and sturdy cardboard box, items arrived in perfect condition, thankyou. other companies should take a leaf out of your book. thanks again, best wishes, - peter wood
12/10/2004 thanks for my 2 items - have received them in good order. looking forward to get the 3rd Line Butterfly album soon!please try your very best. thanks again! - jacque
17/09/2004 Hi. recived the DVD today...its great ...and thanks for the modified cost on the package. I did not have to pay aditional cost. Great service....will recomend you to my friends. Waiting for another one in october.... Take care - Leon
16/09/2004 Wow!!! So beautiful soundtrack. Ray, many thanks for your help. You was so great and always friendly. You are perfect. All the best for your future. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!! Kind regurds - Nikolai
01/08/2004 dear asiandb! you already satisfy me with this kind of custom support wow you are the best korean movie website in this world :) cheers for you really okay i take the discount on a single dvd of 10 euro, but will tell you peoplei will order tomorrow some more dvd's :) i know i can buy this dvd's also on ebay , but as a dutch i wanna support the K-movies. so don't wanna have pirated movies :) so please send the easy version of 100 days of mister arrogant and i will order some good releases of you in a jiffy :) really thanx to the help you give me :) keep up the good work kind regards - Wilbert Bekkers
25/05/2004 Thanks. You guys have GREAT customer service. You can make sure that I will purchase future items in the future. Thanks. - Erick Dimalanta
11/05/2004 Thank you very much sir for your great service, I will continue purchasing from your establishment since you guys provided great customer service, and fulfilled every request as a customer. I really mean it, you guys are great, your company is contributing in my dvd collection, yo will see future purchases and that I promise. - Cesar A. Nunez
23/03/2004 i want to say thanks for your service about my order. see you next time - meisia
24/02/2004 Greetings from Manila, Philippines! I have seen BYJ's Hotelier & Winter Sonata in CDs. Does BYJ has new film? I admire him in the above films and for me, his acting is very remarkable. I hope he has a new film this year and could you advise the producer of Endless Love, Winter Sonata to come out the ELove 4 as BYJ as the lead star? Pleaseee..... Thank you and more power to AsianDB!!!!! - Thea Joy
27/12/2003 Thank you for the refund. Just to make sure, I still want the book; I hope it will be shipped soon. I am quite pleased with the level of customer service presented by this site. - Sabrina
09/12/2003 The order finally arrived. Sorry for the confusion,I will continue to order from your company. Thanks for your help - Frank Wolff
16/10/2003 Hello! Thank you for the information regarding my purchase of "No Manners". p.s. a recent film festival here has featured many korean films and i have recommended your service to some real heavy korean DVD addicts who are after the goods!! - Kuan-Neng Foo
08/10/2003 Hello! I have received my order (Order no. #2144-2368) for LIES VCD. Thanks for the shipping and I look forward shop more often with asiandb.com. Thanks! - Alex
06/02/2003 Hello,this is Julien TIBI. I'm sorry,but my credit card worked many times for ordering dvds in other web-sites. This is the first time I have a problem. So,thank you for your help,but I think it's easier to cancell all!I hope that when I'll get a new card it'll work,because your web-site is great! Thanks, - Julien TIBI
01/06/2002 My name is Karle Rene and I sent a message to your website. I am a big fan of Asian movies and I looked through the large amount of movies that you offer. I found many of them to be very intriguing. I will continue to visit this site and make contributions. Thank you. - Karle Rene