Son Ye-Jin

Also Known As: Sohn Ye-Jin, Son Yeh-Jin
Born Name:Son Eon-Jin
Date of birth:January 11, 1982
Agency:MS Team
Country:Daegu, South Korea

About Son Ye-Jin
Bloodtype: RH+ A
Family: Parents and an older sister
Education: Seoul Art College, Major in Film
Hobby: Listening to Music, Reading Books
Character: Calm and introspective
Favorite Color: Beige, Ivory, Pastel
Favorite Food: Korean traditional 'seoleongtang'
Favorite Fashion: Semi casual, Jeans and Shirts
Favorite Actress: Go Du-Sim, Kim Young-Ae, Jeon Do-Yeon, Shim Eun-Ha
Favorite Movies: The Green Miles, Pepperment Candy, Life is Beautiful
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Collection: Clothes, Hats

Management: Tube Management - Barunson Management - MS Team