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Star's Lover TV Series Soundtrack
스타의 연인

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director: Bu Seong-Cheol
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Jan 08, 2009
company: Doremi
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

널 가끔 잊는 일
하고 싶은 말
그대 자린. 여긴데.(드라마 VER)
내겐 어려운 그 말
Chopin,Nocturn Op9-No.2 E Flat Major Performedby
추억이 내리는 밤
아스카 기행
오, 나의 여신님
사랑이 머무는 정원
Chopin,Nocturn Op9-No.2 E Flat Major

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Also Known As
Oh! My Goddess
Celebrity's Sweetheart
Celebrity Lover
Celebrity Sweetheart
Broadcast: December 10, 2008 ~ February 12, 2009
Episodes: 20

Drama fans' expectations for A Star's Lover were high since it starred top actress Choi Ji-woo (Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven) as well as Yoo Ji-tae who rarely appears in TV dramas. The drama, which was filmed in both Korea and Japan, is based on a love story between a star actress and an ordinary man. The love story between Ma-ri, who actually reminded viewers of the real Choi Ji-woo, and Cheol-soo was so poignant it caused many women's hearts to beat faster. A Star's Lover is a must-see drama for anyone who loves a romantic love story.

Lee Ma-ri is a top star in Korea and throughout Asia. Seo Tae-seok, the head of Mari's management firm, hires a ghostwriter to help transform Ma-ri's image. The poverty-stricken lecturer Kim Cheol-soo becomes her ghostwriter in order to earn money for his sister's surgical operation, and whilst they are in Japan he falls in love with Ma-ri. However, when the novel "Lovers in Asuka," written by Cheol-soo on Ma-ri's behalf, becomes a hit, Ma-ri gets caught up in the controversy generated by the ghost writing. The two lovers try to continue their relationship away from media attention, but they end up breaking up. Ma-ri decides to leave the Seo Tae-sook's management firm as he tries to control everything in her life.

Lee Mari (Choi Ji-Woo) just wants to be loved - that's why she became an actress. Now as the top star in Asia, she's adored everywhere she goes, but her relationships never last more than 100 days. PhD student Chul-soo reluctantly agrees to ghostwrite Mari's new book, and the two become increasingly close despite being from two different worlds. At the same time, Mari's first love Woo-jin reenters her life. While Mari tries to deal with her tragic past and figure out her love life, the tabloids offer their own relentless spins, while her controlling boss just wants men - all of them - out of the picture.

In addition to Korean Wave heroine Choi Ji Woo and acclaimed film actor Yoo Ji Tae (Old Boy), Celebrity Sweetheart features numerous top Korean stars, including Ki Tae Young (Terroir, White Tower), Phillip Choi (Capital Scandal), Shim Eun Jin of Baby VOX, and Lee Joon Hyuk (City Hall). And the inclusion of various celebrity cameos - including Lee Dong Gun and Ji Jin Hee - adds to the excitement in one of the hottest romantic melodramas out of Korea.

Lee Ma Ri is a famous actress that is actively pursued by four men. The four men come from different backgrounds and have different aspirations. One is a literature graduate student who dreams of becoming a writer, another is a famous photographer, the third is the heir to a major chaebol family, and the last man chasing after Ma Ri is a young executive who works at a media corporation.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Released: Dec 10, 2008

editor   (7)
users   (9.8)

Production: Olive Nine
Distribution: SBS

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