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2009 Strike Love TV Series Soundtrack
2009 외인구단

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director: Song Chang-Su
genre: TV, Drama, Sports
release date: Jun 05, 2009
company: Loen Entertainment
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

눈물로 하룰 더 살아도 - 노래 한경일
그러는 그대는 - 노래 I U
너의 이름 - 노래 HUN
내사랑 이야기 - 노래 eP
난 너에게(김세영) - 노래 김세영
Loving U - 노래 HUN
세상의 중심에서 - 노래 박완규
난 너에게(김민정) - 노래 김민정
Baseball Theme
Love Theme
My Father
Man Child

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Also Known As
2009 Baseball Team
2009 Foreign Baseball Team
2009 Alien Baseball Team
Broadcast: May 2, 2009 ~ June 21, 2009
Total 16 episodes

"I'll do whatever you like"

- First TV adaptation of Ultimate Baseball Team, a wildly popular comic book series that was published 26 years ago!
- Voted by netizens as the most wanted TV adaptation of an original story in a 2008 poll!
- A comic book hit about romance and sports that was also made into a cartoon series and full-featured movie with great success!

The Ultimate Baseball Team depicts an eclectic team of players who were kicked off of their respective team by their coaches. There is the former star pitcher who had his childhood girlfriend stolen from him by a bitter rival... Then there's the short, pudgy pitcher who is addicted to games while the captain of the team, a former street gang member, is a one-armed player. Another pitcher on the team is a 41-year-old veteran who was relegated to the bench during his entire professional career.
The story interweaves a sad love story between a star pitcher and his sweetheart, who left him for another man, into the main plot about baseball.

Featuring Actor Yoon Tae-young, who starred in the MBC TV miniseries "The Story of the First King's Four Gods," in the leading role.
Featuring Actress Kim Min-jung of the MBC TV miniseries "New Heart."

Oh Hye Sung met Choi Eom Ji when they were young and didn't meet her again til they were in high school. However, at that time Eom Ji was the girlfriend of a star baseball player, Ma Dong Tak. Hye Sung pitched a perfect game in his professional debut but injured his arm in the process. Doctors told him that it would be unlikely for him to ever play baseball again. Devastated by what the doctors told him, Hye Sung disappears without a trace to an isolated island to train on a professional baseball team. Four years later Hye Sung returns from the island only to find out that Eom Ji married Dong Tak.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Sports
Released: May 2, 2009

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Production: WillBe, Green City Pictures
Distribution: MBC


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