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Land Of Wealth (TVB) (6discs)

/ Taiwanese Drama

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Product Details
subtitle: English, Chinese, Malay
language: Cantonese/Mandarin
audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
release date: Jul 08, 2009
company: TVB
made in: Malaysia
aspect ratio: 1.33:1
case: Digipack

Region Code: All, NTSC
Single Side Dual Layer
Audio: Cantonese/Mandarin
No of CDs: 6 DVDs (32 episodes)
Model: TVB176ME

Rating for English subtitles: Good

Land of Wealth 汇 Vol.1-32 End DVD

Starring: Moses Chan Ho, Sonija Kwok Sin Nei, Stephen Ma, Tavia Yeung, Cheng Hong Lie

Chai Pak-Tsun (Moses Chan) is a descendant of a once-renowned political family. After his next of kin are framed and executed, he, the only one spared from the calamity, struggles to live on and is picked to become the apprentice of Kiu Pun-Yip (Keung Tai Wai), the owner of Ting Fung Shing, the biggest money shop in Shanxi.

There he meets a non-Han Chinese beauty Pa Pa Har Yee Ko Wah (Sonija Kwok). He fall for the girl but is just too timid to express his love. Yip's second daughter Kiu Tsun (Tavia Yeung) is in love with Cheung Shung-Man (Steven Ma), the son of the Minister of Military Affairs. But their relationship has become strained since Man is called in to investigate the affairs of Ting Fung Shing.

Yip falls into the trap laid by Cho Yue-Tai (Lau Dan), the former cashier of Ting Fung Shing and the shop is almost forced into bankruptcy. Faced with the exorbitant taxes and levies payable to the government, the shop has come under tremendous financial pressure. Before his death, Yip entrusts Ting Fung Shing to Pak-Tsun who has stood by him all the way. Businessmen wield great economic power while officials hold strong political influence. How can Pak-Tsun pull Ting Fung Shing out of the corrupt official circles in late Qing China?

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