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Color of the Soul Train

/ Compilation  

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Product Details
release date: Dec 17, 2003
company: YG Entertainment
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

Part Time Lover (򸶸,ּ)
Queen Of The Night (Ź)
Got To Be Real (򸶸,Ź,,ּ)
״ ƿ (Ź)
Heal The World (ſ,Ź,,)
Love Is A Wonderful Thing ()
Break Away (򸶸)
His Eye Is On The Sparrow (򸶸)
ȵdz (ּ)
As (̿,ڹ,ּ)
Somebody To Love (򸶸,Ź,,ּ)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (򸶸,Ź,,ּ)
In The Steel Of The Night (Feat.ȣ) (򸶸,Ź,,ּ)
Victory (򸶸,Ź,,ּ)

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