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Pasta TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Kwon Seok-Jang
genre: TV, Drama, Romance, Comedy
release date: Feb 16, 2010
company: KT Music
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. 듣다..그대를 (슈퍼주니어-규현)
2. 갑니다 ( 엠투엠 )
3. Lucky Day ( Every Single Day)
4. 귀여운 넌 (애프터 스쿨 - 정아)
5. 작은 거짓말 (김동희)
6. 파트타임러버(Part time lover)- (알렉스,호란(Clazzi Quai))
7. The Minstrel Boy - Elina (아일랜드 민요 )
8. Pasta intro - Orch ver
9. 듣죠그대를 - Orch ver
10. 듣죠그대를 - Piano ver
11. 갑니다 - Orch ver
12. 귀여운 넌 - Orch ver
13. 작은 거짓말 - Orch ver
14. 파트타임 러브 - Orch ver
15. 우연 - Orch ver
16. Waltz 4 minnie - Orch ver

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Broadcast: January 4, 2010 ~ March 9, 2010
Episodes: 20

The way to the heart is through the stomach in the scrumptious 2010 MBC romantic comedy Pasta. Quirky actress Gong Hyo Jin (Thank You) brings new meaning to the word "chef" in this romantic hit, while Lee Seon Gyun (Coffee Prince) acts up a charismatic storm as the head chef with a chip on his shoulder. Pasta co-stars Miss Korea Honey Lee (Partner) as the ex-girlfriend, and Alex of Clazziquai as the restaurant owner with eyes for Gong Hyo Jin. The drama's chefs also include Lee Hyung Chul (City Hall), Kim Tae Ho (My Precious Child), and No Min Woo and Hyun Woo from the band 24/7.

Spunky aspiring pasta chef Yoo Kyung (Gong Hyo Jin) has finally worked her way up from kitchen assistant to junior chef at a high-end Italian restaurant. Her happiness doesn't last long though as the demanding new head chef Hyun Woo (Lee Seon Gyun) comes in and fires Yoo Kyung and all the other female chefs on his first day of work. Yoo Kyung manages to get her job back, but the drama is far from over. Hyun Woo brings in his own team of Italy-trained chefs to work opposite the original Korea-trained staff, inciting a heated rivalry. Sparks are flying left and right in the kitchen, but feuding soon leads to romance!

A recipe of love and passion among young and attractive chefs
We invited you to the Italian restaurant named "Mamma Mia"

Yoo-gyeong has worked at the Italian restaurant Mamma Mia for 3 years. Her dream is to become an Italian cuisine chef but in reality, she's a kitchen assistant. One day, the Mamma Mia restaurant newly hires Hyun-wook, a chef who went to culinary school in Italy. Upon his arrival, the female chefs are fired one by one and Yoo-gyeong finds herself to be the last woman standing. Just before she's about to be fired, Kim San, the restaurant owner appears. Kim San hires his girlfriend and celebrity chef Sae-young as a co-head chef to work with Hyun-wook. It turns out that Sae-young and Hyun-wook used to date each other when they were both studying at the Italian culinary school. But they broke up after Sae-young stole his recipe to win a cooking contest. They turn into rivals and try to outdo each other in making the finest Italian cuisine. Working alongside two celebrity chefs, Yoo-gyeong feels small and insignificant. She gradually develops feelings for the charismatic Hyun-wook. However, restaurant owner Kim San begins to become attracted to the spunky Yoo-gyeong and the relationships between them become fraught with complexities.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance, Comedy
Released: Jan 4, 2010

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Production: Olive Nine
Distribution: MBC

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