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White Lies TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Bae Han-Cheon, Lee Min-Soo(b)
genre: TV, Drama, Family
release date: Jan 23, 2009
made in: South Korea

Love Hurts - Kan Jong-Wook
Don't Cry Because of Me - Kan Jong-Wook
I Will Take Care of You - Kan Jong-Wook
Resemble You - Ari
Alone - Kan Jong-Wook
Gman... Goodbye.. - Kan Jong-Wook
Mother`s Affection (은영테마) - Kan Jong-Wook
Possession (정우테마) - Kan Jong-Wook
I`m Still Here - Kan Jong-Wook
Compassion - Kan Jong-Wook
Love And Hatred - Kan Jong-Wook

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Broadcast: December 1, 2008 ~ July 10, 2009
Episodes: 159

Seo Eun Young and Kang Jung Woo are happy, engaged-to-be-married couple. Suddenly, when Eun Young was pregnant, Jung Woo abandoned her to marry Na Kyung, a rich woman. The new couple then went to study abroad for 5 years. Meanwhile, Eun Young works as a nurse in a hospital. Kang Hyung Woo, who is one of her patients, becomes obsessed with her. Hyung Woo’s mother, Madam Shin, a department store owner, then wants Eun Young to marry her son.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Family
Released: Dec 1, 2008

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Distribution: MBC