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2NE1 21 Hood Zip-up T-shirts (Gold)

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Product Details
release date: Dec 02, 2010
company: YG Entertainment
made in: South Korea
case: Safe Box

2NE1 21 Hood Zip-up T-shirts

2NE1s 2010 Hood Zip-up T-Shirt!!
Brushed inside, the zip-up t-shirt will keep you warm in the winter. With 2NE1-styled big hood!

ONE SIZE only, please check size before purchase.

sleeve length: 64 cm
shoulder length: 45 cm
chest size: 55 cm
total length: 65.5 cm

Rules for washing : When washing, please turn the shirt inside out in cold water. Do not boil. Do not use any type of bleach. Do not rub the print.

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