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Moment Song Hye Kyo

Book / Photobook

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release date: Feb 09, 2011
company: Nangman Books
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

Pages: 416
ISBN: 9788994842127
Weights: 5,600g

2 DVDs include

Photos: Peter Lindbergh, Helena Christensen, KT Kim, Jihyuk Park, Jean Fransois Carly
Creative Director: OUCHAN SHIM

new york _by Helena Christensen
patagonia _by jihyuk park
buenos aires _by jihyuk park
iguacu _by KT Kim
amsterdam _by KT Kim
firenze _by jean-francoir carly
toscana _by jean-francoir carly
cinque terre _by jean-francoir carly
genova _by jean-francoir carly
paris _by peter lindberg

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The Grandmaster
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The Grandmaster
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