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Masterpiece (2CD)

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Product Details
genre: Folk
release date: Jun 02, 2000
company: Synnara
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1-1. 물 좀 주소! Give Me Water
1-2. 하룻밤 One Night
1-3. 바람과 나 Wind And I
1-4. 잘가세! Fare Thee Well
1-5. 옥의 슬픔 Sorrow Of Ock
1-6. 행복의 나라 Land Of Happiness
1-7. 인상 Impression
1-8. 사랑인지? Is This Love?
1-9. 하루아침 One Morning(Original Version)

2-1. 하루아침 One Morning
2-2. One Day
2-3. 마지막 꿈 Last Dream
2-4. 나 혼자 Alone
2-5. 또 가야지 Hitting The Road Once Again
2-6. Till That Day
2-7. 과부타령 Widow's Theme
2-8. If You Want Me To
2-9. 고무신 Rubber Shoes
2-10. 무한대 Infinity
2-11. No Religion (Demo Version)
2-12. Spare Parts (Demo Version)
2-13. Aids Song (Demo Version)
2-14. 희망가 Song of Hope (Revised Version)

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