Crime Squad TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Kangryukban, Homicide, Detectives in Trouble, 强力班, 重案组
Director:Kwon Gye-Hong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Crime
Release Date:Apr 14, 2011
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Wild Thing (Inst.)
Believe - T-Max
작별 - 인순이
Joy & Pain (Feat. 김준) - DJ DOC
나쁜 사람 - 주찬양
세상끝에서 - T-Max
어느날 - 신수진
S.C.D (Serious Crime Division) (Inst.)
What's Up? (Inst.)
Tiny Chaser (Inst.)
Can You Arrest Me? (Inst.)
Before The Storm (Inst.)
S.C.D (Serious Crime Division, Guitar ver) (Inst.)
Police Line
Road Kill (Inst.)
Tiny Chaser (80's Ver) (Inst.)
Can You Arrest Me? (Sax, Tp Ver) (Inst.)
Run! Run! Run! (Inst.)
S.C.D (Serious Crime Division, Strings ver) (Inst.)
About Crime Squad TV Series
Broadcast: March 7, 2011 ~ April 26, 2011
Episodes: 16

Song Il Gook "Jumong, The kingdom of the wind, Emperor of the sea" , who plays Park Sae Hyuk in “Detectives in Trouble,” was worried about not looking like a real detective on scene of the crime drama. In an interview, he said that he was relieved and pleased to hear that his acting is perceived as realistic to his fans and viewers.

In the drama, Park Sae Hyuk grew up having the knowledge of criminal techniques because his father was a legendary thief. He closes all the tough cases that are hard to solve with his own ways and therefore, he is second to none in arrest rate ranks. A special team has been assembled for an operation to arrest a notorious bank burglar. They don’t get along well at the beginning but as they continue resolving case after case, they gradually learn to work as a team.

Intern reporter, Min Joo, intertwined with Sae Hyuk who is also chasing after the same suspect. Meanwhile, Sae Hyuk, who has been looking for his father his whole life, suddenly and unexpectedly discovers his father's whereabouts. Moreover, Sae Hyuk's older brother, Sae Joong is a crooked detective and Sae Hyuk must confront them both..

Will Sae Hyuk’s past of criminal methods affect his detective work for good?

Watch more of “Detectives in Trouble” to find out!