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Flower Boys Ramen Store TV Series Soundtrack Part 1
꽃미남 라면가게

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director: Jeong Jeong-Hwa
genre: TV, Comedy
release date: Nov 25, 2011
company: Sony
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

정일우 - 너란 사람
DNPD (유리아) - Happy
DNPD (유리아) - 사랑에 빠졌나봐
DNPD (프랜시스) - Sun
윤새하 - 러빙러빙
Ska? Ska? Polka!
환웅의 귀환
가슴이 보골보골
천하무적 양은비
아빠와 은비

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Also Known As
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Cool Guys Hot Ramen
Broadcast: October 31, 2011 ~ December 20, 2011
Episodes: 16

This romantic comedy deals with “pretty boys,” who with good looks and individuality, operate a ramen shop with lively college girls and experience the happenings of daily life.

Yang Eun-bi (Lee Chung-ah) is a university student preparing for her civil service exam with the dream of being a high school teacher. She accidentally encounters Cha Chi-soo (Jung Il-woo), the arrogant son of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea. Cha Chi-soo fascinates women with his good looks and charm. Eun-bi is attracted to him before she finds out that he is only a high school student and thus several years younger than her. However, her student-teaching assignment finds her not only working at the high school that Cha's family owns, but teaching his homeroom class. She grows to dislike him for his arrogance and lack of empathy. He, on the other hand, becomes fascinated with her because she is tough and athletic, unlike the other women he knows.

Cha Chi-soo (Jeong Il-woo) is the only son for a family that owns Korea's largest food conglomerate named Chasung. Chi-soo comes back from New York without telling his father. When he arrives there he is followed by people who work for his father. Chi-soo rush to the restroom and bump-in to Yang Eun-bi (Lee Chung-ah). Eun-bi attends the university festival and she met the guy from the bathroom again. Eun-bi assumes Chi-soo is a student at her university. On the same day, she found her boyfriend betrayed her and humiliated her in front of her schoolmate. From then on, Eun-bi decides to focus on becoming a teacher and meeting a good guy. That is where the story began…

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Comedy
Released: Oct 31, 2011

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Distribution: tvN
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