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Titans 3D Collection (Clash of the Titans + Wrath of the Titans) Box Set (4discs)
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Product Details
director: Louis Leterrier, Jonathan Liebesman
genre: 3D, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
subtitle: English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Portuguese, French
language: English, Thai, Mandarin, Japanese, French
audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
release date: Jul 10, 2012
company: Warner Brothers
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 2.40:1, 1.78:1
case: Box Set

Region Code: A, NTSC

Special Features:
Clash of the Titans
o Sam Worthington : An Action Hero for the Ages
o Focus Points
- Sam Worthington is Perseus
- Zeus: Father of Gods and Men
- Enter the World of Hades
- Calibos: The Man behind the Monster
- Tenerife: A Continent on an Island
- Scorpioch
- Actors and Their Stunts
- Wales: A Beautiful Scarred Landscape
- Bringing Medusa to Life
- Prepare for the Kraken!
o Deleted Scenes
o Alternate Ending

Wrath of the Titans
- Maximum Movie Mode: The Path of Men (102:04)
- Maximum Movie Mode: The Path of Gods (102:04)
- Battling the Chimera - The Path of Men ## A look into the creation of brining the myhtical Chimera to life. (03:54)
- Agenor: The Other Demi-God - The Path of Men ## The hilarious Toby Kebbell brings comic relief both on and ff-camera as the son of Posiedon. (03:00)
- The Cyclops Fight - The Path of Men (03:34)
- Prison of the Titans - The Path of Men ## Deep below the Earth lies Hades domain... the Underworld. T ake a trip down, and explore how this world below was brough t to life. (03:46)
- Minotaur: The Human Nightmare - The Path of Men (03:02)
- The Heavens Raise Hell on Earth - The Path of Men (04:26)
- Who Are The Titans? - The Path of Gods (03:20)
- Hephaestus: God of Fire - The Path of Gods ## Witness how Bill Nighy embodies this challenging and quirky ole. (02:34)
- Lost in Tartarus' Labyrinth - The Path of Gods ## Discover the frightening, fiery, Underworld prison know as T artarus. (02:51)
- Creatures of the Titans - The Path of Gods ## Join Sam Worthington who as Perseus, gets ready to battle th e Makhai, the Chimera, the Cyclops and the Minotaur. (04:02)
- Perseus Owes Helius an Explanation (04:26)
- Perseus Addresses the Troops (04:50)
- Zeus is led past missing Olympians (01:31)

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