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I AM (4discs/region3)

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Product Details
director: Choi Jin-Seong(b)
genre: Music
subtitle: English, Korean
language: Korean
audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
release date: Sep 27, 2012
company: SM Entertainment
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 16:9
case: Deluxe Case

Region Code : 3, NTSC
Sound : Dolby Digital Stereo
Video : Ntsc 16:9 Wide Screen
Duration : Disc 1 Dual Layer [118min], Disc 2 Dual Layer [30min], Disc 3 Dual Layer [76min], Disc 4 Dual Layer [100min]

DVD 1 - I Am : Smtown Live World Tour In Madison Square Garden 2011 (I Am)
DVD 2 - I Am Special Feature
DVD 3 - Smtown Live World Tour In Madison Square Garden 2011 Part1
DVD 4 - Smtown Live World Tour In Madison Square Garden 2011 Part2

Disc 1
I Am : Smtown Live World Tour In Madison Square Garden 2011 (영화 I Am)

Disc 2
New York Diary
What's Your Color?
TVXQ! Their Story
Showcase Highlight
Music Video "Dear my family"
Making of Music Video
Teaser Trailer 1
Teaser Trailer 2
Original Trailer

Disc 3
라차타 - f(x)
Chu~♡ - f(x)
상록수 & 북극성 [Pine Tree & Polaris] - Kangta
7989 - Kangta & Sulli (Guest. Onew)
Stand By Me - SHINee
누난 너무 예뻐 - SHINee
Get Down + Juliette - SHINee
Sorry Sorry-Answer - Super Junior K.R.Y
Run Devil Run - Girls' Generation
Kissing You - Girls' Generation
Oh! - Girls' Generation
미인아 [Bonamara] - Super Junior
태완미/太完美 [Perfection] - Super Junior-M
하하하송 [HaHaHaSong] - Girls' Generation
힘내! [Way To Go] - Girls' Generation
Miracle - Super Junior
I Did It For Love - BoA (Feat. Key)

Disc 4
소원을 말해봐 [Genie] - Girls' Generation
Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
Ring Ding Dong - SHINee
Mr. Simple - Super Junior
돈 돈! [Don't Don] - Super Junior (Feat. Zhoumi, Henry)
Hot Summer - f(x)
훗 [Hoot] - Girls' Generation
Ready Or Not - SHINee
아.미.고 [Amigo] - SHINee
The Boys - Girls' Generation
Eat You Up - BoA
Copy & Paste - BoA
Energetic - BoA
TVXQ! Medley [Intro + The Way U Are + Mirotic] - TVXQ!
Maximum - TVXQ!
이것만은 알고 가 [Before U Go] - TVXQ!
왜 [Keep Your Head Down] - TVXQ!
피노키오 [Danger] - f(x)
Lucifer - SHINee
Gee - Girls' Generation
U - Super Junior
Rising Sun - TVXQ!
빛 [Hope] - SM Town

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More Information
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Music
Duration: 116mins
Certification: All
Released: Jun 21, 2012

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Production: CJ Entertainment, SM Entertainment
Distribution: CJ Entertainment