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The English Patient (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray+DVD) (2discs)
잉글리쉬 페이션트

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Product Details
director: Anthony Minghella
genre: Romance, War
subtitle: English, Korean, Spanish
language: English
audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
release date: Nov 29, 2012
company: Miramax
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 1.85:1
case: Deluxe Case

Region Code: A, NTSC
Runtime: 162mins

Special Features:
audio commentary with screenwriter/director anthony minghella
audio commentary with screenwriter/director anthony minghella, producer saul zaentz, and the about michael ondaatje (21분 57초)
his wrting roots
the booker prize and canadian following
the challenge of turning the novel into a film
about writing the novel
reading from the novel
from novel to screenplay-interviews with cast and crew (7분 11초)
the formidable saul zaentz (1분 59초)
a historical look at the real count almasy (8분 18초)
filmmaker conversations
a conversation with director and screenwriter anthony minghella
reading the english patient for the first time (1분 15초)
on his admiration for michael ondaatje (3분 41초)
the beginning stages of making the film (12분 00초)
my duty as a filmmaker (4분 38초)
accolades for the english patient (3분 32초)
his early cinematic vision for the film (3분 43초)
100 days of shooting (1분 57초)
a conversation with producer saul zaentz
the complexity of adapting the novel (3분 56초)
pre-production: doing the homework (2분 07초)
finding the cast and crew (1분 19초)
the insight of stuart craig (1분 26초)
the imagination of stuart craig (2분 17초)
trying to cast connery (3분 36초)
the audience reacts (2분 02초)
on cinematographer john seale (40초)
camaraderie on set (2분 11초)
a conversation with writer michael ondaatje
the difficulty of adapting a novel (2분 16초)
fleshing out the script (1분 25초)
the limitations of writing a screenplay (1분 50초)
life after the film (1분 13초)
a conversation with film editor walter murch
meeting anthony (2분 36초)
the editor - director relationship (4분 49초)
putting the pieces together (1분 46초)
the first assembly (4분 38초)
the process (2분 14초)
working with anthony (2분 53초)
the advantages of digital editing (7분 15초)
the work of stuart craig-production designer (3분 57초)
the eyes of phil bray-still photographer (2분 50초)
master class with anthony minghella-deleted scenes (20분 00초)
cbc documentary: making of the english patient (53분 01초)