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The Great Seer TV Series (HK Version) (4discs)

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Product Details
director: Lee Yong-Seok(b)
genre: TV, Drama, History, Traditional
subtitle: English, Chinese, Japanese
language: Korean
audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
release date: Mar 01, 2013
made in: Hong Kong
aspect ratio: 1.33:1
case: Box Set

Region Code: All, NTSC
4 Discs HD DVD-9 Plastic Bag Packing Ver. ( 35 Episodes Complete Series )

Rating for English subtitles: Average

HK Version K-Drama DVD
HK Version K-Drama DVD does not have good quality English subtitles.
Incorrect grammar and typos are found and sometimes the translation has serious defects.
If English subtitles matter, please buy another one.

Also Known As
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Broadcast: October 10, 2012 ~ February 7, 2013
Episodes: 35

Ji Sang (Ji Sung) is a gifted seer, born with the ability to see into peoples pasts and futures. There are those who believe falsely that he has dark supernatural powers, thinking him possessed by ghosts. When he comes of age in the late Goryeo era, he becomes a scholar of divination, and a reader of geography, faces, and the like to tell fortunes — an area with much influence at the time. He eventually becomes a king-maker, who holds the key to a major political shift in the overthrow of Goryeo and the rise of Joseon. He help the General Lee Sung Gye (Ji Jin Hee) become the first king of the Joseon Dynasty.

Lee Jung Geun (Song Chang Ui) is Ji Sangs rival. Hae In (Kim So Yun) is Ji Sangs main love interest and Ban Ya (Lee Yoon Ji) is Ji Sangs first love.

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More Information
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, History, Traditional
Released: Oct 10, 2012

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Distribution: SBS

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