IRIS 2: New Generation TV Series Soundtrack
아이리스 2: 뉴 제너레이션

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Also Known As:IRIS II
Director:Pyo Min-Su, Kim Tae-Hun(b)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Action, Romance, Thriller
Release Date:Apr 18, 2013
Publisher:Taewon Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Deluxe Case

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모르시나요 - 다비치
어떤가요 - 노을
Black Paradise - 비스트
잊지말아요 - 소향
I Love You - 소울크라이
바보같은 나 - 지오(MBLAQ) & 미르(MBLAQ)
매일하는 이별 - Ami
Theme For 유중원
The Final Barrier
State Of Tension
Secret Movement
Suspicion 1
Suspicion 2
Suspicion 3
The Sentimental Mood
About IRIS 2: New Generation TV Series
Broadcast: February 13, 2013 ~ April 18, 2013
Episodes: 20

IRIS II is a spy action drama inspired by still-divided north and south koreas. The head of the NSS (National Security Service), Jeong Yu-geon (actor Jang Hyuk), fights IRIS, a secret oraganization connected with the industrial-military complex,which seeks any opportunity to trigger a war and has intruded into the NSS and his own personal life.

The storyline begins three years after the death of Kim Hyun-jun(actor by Lee Byung-heon),in 2009's IRIS 1,and deals with the still-open investigation into the existence of the secret crime organization. A significant part of the film deals with tracking down and unveiling the motives of Mr.Black and Mr.Baek San (actor Kim Young-cheol), additionally finding clues surrounding Hyun-jun's mysterious death in Jeju Island in IRIS 1.