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Monstar TV Series Soundtrack

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genre: TV, Drama, Musical, Juvenile
release date: Aug 09, 2013
company: CJ E&M
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

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지난 날 - 용준형(비스트) 비투비 하연수
시간이 흐른 뒤엔 - 용준형(비스트) 비투비
아틀란티스 소녀 - 하연수 강하늘 김초은
선잠(나 그대의 사랑이 되리) - 제이레빗
날 울리지마 - 몬스타칼라바
나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게 - 강의식
첫사랑 - 용준형(비스트) 비투비
그것만이 내 세상/행진 - 몬스타칼라바
연습 - 하연수
방황하는 별
열일곱 세이의 밤
Shake Up
Catch The Star
그리움의 왈츠
17대1의 전설

Broadcast: May 17, 2013 ~ August 2, 2013
Episodes: 12

From the director of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Mnet/tvN series Monstar offers a music-themed look at high school that endearingly captures the friendship, romance, rivalries, dreams, insecurities and awkwardness of youth. BEAST's Yong Jun Hyung makes his acting debut in the leading role of Yoon Seol Chan, the lead vocalist of the top boy band Men in Black. After causing trouble with his bad temper, the misunderstood hero is placed on probation and sent back to school, where he meets a quirky girl (breakout newcomer actress Ha Yeon Soo) who crushes his ego and flutters his heart. Together with a ragtag group of fellow misfits and outcasts, they form the underdog school band Color Bar and gradually open up to friendship and the changes and challenges of adolescence.

Seol-chan, a member of Korea's most popular K-pop boy band Men in Black, is provoked into pushing one of his crazy fans, and when that goes viral, his reputation plummets. As damage control, his agency tells him to quietly attend school for a while. Meanwhile, Se-yi, a new transfer student from New Zealand, draws attention in the school for both her talent and oddness. Misunderstandings occur between Seol-chan, Se-yi, and their other classmates. But in the midst of all the chaos, these students find a common interest which connects them to each other: music. Every character has his or her own untold stories, which have had significant impact in their lives. But as they gather together to sing and play the music they love, they learn to soothe the pain inside them, and to open each of their souls.

A drama about behind-the-scenes stories of many people who want to become singers and how teenagers who have been hurt and scarred will be healed through music while find out about love, friendship, and their dreams along the journey.
Yoon Sul Chan (Yong Joon Hyung) is vocalist of fictional band called Men in Black. His past have made him, cold, cynical and hot temper that get him in many troubles. Therefore, he was sent to new high school where he has to behave or else. He will join the high school band and help his fellow students achieve their dream. Yoon Sul Chan will be a pair with Min Se Yi (Ha Yeon Soo), a high school student who moved to Korea from New Zealand and though she isn′t interested in school or her studies, she feels happy whenever she sings. She will join the band with Yoon Sul Chan and gets involved in the incidents scattered throughout the story.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Musical, Juvenile
Released: May 17, 2013

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