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Reply 1994 TV Series Soundtrack (CD+DVD)
응답하라 1994

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Product Details
director: Shin Won-Ho
genre: TV, Drama, Romance, Comedy
release date: Dec 27, 2013
company: CJ E&M
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

Disc. 1
서울 이곳은 - 로이킴
너에게 - 성시경
그대와 함께 - B1A4
가질 수 없는 너 - 하이니
행복한 나를 - 김예림
날 위한 이별 - 디아
너만을 느끼며 - 정우, 유연석, 손호준
시작 - 고아라
운명 - 김성균, 도희
서울 이곳은 (Acoustic Ver.) - 로이킴
가질 수 없는 너 (Acoustic Ver.) - 하이니
너에게 (Inst.)
행복한 나를 (Inst.)
서울 이곳은 (Acoustic Guitar Ver.)

Disc. 2
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타임머신1994 뮤직비디오

Also Known As
Answer Me 1994
Broadcast: October 18, 2013 ~ December 28, 2013
Episodes: 21

This drama follows the pop culture events of year 1994, including the emergence of seminal K-pop group ‘Seo Taiji and Boys‘ and ‘Korean Basketball League‘.

The story begin with few teenagers stay together at a boarding house while attending a university in Seoul. This boarding house is run by a couple Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa with their daughter Sung Na Sung (Go Ah Ra)…

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance, Comedy
Released: Oct 18, 2013

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Distribution: tvN

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