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The Producer TV Series Box Set (Director's Cut) (8discs)

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Product Details
director: Pyo Min-Soo, Seo Soo-Min
genre: TV, Drama, Comedy
subtitle: English
language: Korean
audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
release date: Jan 21, 2016
company: KBS Media
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 1.78:1
case: Deluxe Case

Region Code: 1,3,4,5,6 / NTSC
Runtime: 1149mins

Postcards (10set) + Numbering Card + Photobook (100p) + 2016 Calendar

Disc 7
Music Video

Disc 8
이게 사랑일까
커플 캐미
캐릭터 소개
신디 뮤직뱅크
토크쇼 안녕하세요

Broadcast: 2015-05-15 ~ 2015-06-20
Episodes: 12

A drama showing behind the scenes of what happens on a variety show!

Seung-chan (Kim So-Hyun) decided to work at the entertainment division of KBS television network because of his secret crush on a KBS employee. On his first day on the job, Seung-Chan goes through training, but has a difficult time with PD Ye-Jin (Kang Hyo-Jin). Ye-Jin is the producer of music program "Music Bank".

Seung-chan is then devastated when he sees his secret crush and PD Joo-Mo (Cha Tae-Hyun) being affectionate towards each other. Joo-Mo is the producer of variety show "2 Days & 1 Night" and he is a long time friend of PD Ye-Jin.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Comedy
Certification: 15
Released: May 15, 2015

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Distribution: KBS