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Own Room (LP Limited Edition)

LP / Female  

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Product Details
genre: Ballad
release date: Jan 19, 2016
company: Pastel
made in: South Korea
case: Vinyl

- 1LP (High Quality - 180g / color vinyl)
- Limited edition 500 (numbering)
- Special edited booklet with handwritten signature by Lucia

Side A
1-1. 첫번째, 방
1-2. 꽃처럼 한 철만 사랑해 줄 건가요?
1-3. 부디
1-4. 고양이왈츠
1-5. 안녕, 안녕
1-6. Sue (inspired by “Fingersmith)
1-7. 두번째, 방

Side B
1-8. 어떤 날도, 어떤 말도
1-9. 버라이어티
1-10. 고양이왈츠 Acoustic
1-11. 어른이 되는 레시피
1-12. 웃음
1-13. 자기만의 방

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