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The Dark Knight Rises (White Steelbook Limited Edition) (2discs)
다크 나이트 라이즈

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Product Details
director: Christopher Nolan
genre: Sci-fi, Action
subtitle: English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian
language: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Thai
audio: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
release date: Dec 12, 2014
company: Warner Brothers
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 2.40:1
case: Steel Case

Region Code: A, NTSC
Runtime: 164mins

Special Features:
Disc 1
- Second Screen ## Sync with The Dark Knight Rises app for exclusive content
(Up to 18 minutes of hidden "Flickable" content on disc 1)

Disc 2
5대의 배트모바일을 한꺼번에 볼 수 있는 스페셜 피쳐. 배트맨의 병기의 모든 면에 대한 세세한 리포트 및 그 탄생과 진화의 이야기. (The Batmobile ## Witness all five Batmobiles together for the first time in history. Dive deep into every aspects of the most awe-inspirinnacle of technology as the most awe-inspiring weapon in Birth and evolution of this technological marvel and cultural icon.) (60:05)

ENDING THE KNIGHT (Production + Characters + Reflections)
크리스토퍼 놀란 감독과 그의 제작팀이 어떻게 다크나이트 시리즈의 종결편인 "다크나이트라이즈"를 만들게 되었는지에 대한 스페셜 피쳐

- The Prologue: High-Altitude Hijacking- Production - Ending t he Knight ## See how Christopher Nolan and his filmmaking team staged the film's high-flying opening sequence featuring footage from the aerial and model units. (07:48)
- Return to the Batcave- Production - Ending the Knight ## Witness the reconstruction of the Batcave with time-lapse photography along with interviews and commentary from the construction crew and filmmakers. (03:33)
- Beneath Gotham- Production - Ending the Knight ## Director Christopher Nolan and the production designers discuss the design and build of Bane's lair. (02:29)
- The Bat - Production - Ending the Knight ## Director Christopher Nolan gives Batman a new mode of transportation in The Dark Knight Rises. Learn what went into the design and construction of the Dark Knight's new vehicle and how a combination of special effects, visual effects, and sound engineering were used to realistically sell the illus. (11:03)
- Batman vs Bane - Production - Ending the Knight ## The filmmakers and actors reveal how they planned and shot t he epic fight sequence between Batman and Bane. (06:05)
- Armory Accepted - Production - Ending the Knight ## See how special effects and a miniature unit were used to simulate the demolition drop of the Tumbler through the ceiling of Bane's lair. (03:15)
- Gameday Destruction - Production - Ending the Knight ## The filmmakers describe the production plan that went into executing the jaw-dropping demolition sequence at Gotham Stadium. (06:39)
- Demolishing a City Street - Production - Ending the Knight ## Learn how a series of practical special effects were used to simulate the complete destruction of a city street. (04:11)
- The Pit - Production - Ending the Knight ## The filmmakers explain the design and construction of two giant, vertical sets: the underground prison and the well, where all the climbing stunts were performed. (03:00)
- The Chant - Production - Ending the Knight ## Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer discuss the creation of the chant that formed the basis of the score's Bane suites. (05:15)
- The War on Wall Street - Production - Ending the Knight ## Get a glimpse behind the coordination and production of the epic battle for Gotham City that involved a thousand extra s engaged in hand-to-hand combat on New York City's Wall Street.. (06:36)
- Race to the Reactor - Production - Ending the Knight ## Watch how the filmmakers orchestrated the film's climactic chase sequence with multiple Tumblers, the Batpod, and the hi gh-flying Bat racing down the streets of Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. (07:48)

- The Journey of Bruce Wayne - Character - Ending the Knight ## Get insight into story and thematic choices that structured the final chapter of Bruce Wayne's journey as Batman. (08:48)
- Gotham's Reckoning - Character - Ending the Knight ## The filmmakers reflect on their reinvention of Bane and all the elements that went into making him Batman's most lethal adversary. (10:01)
- A Girls Gotta Eat - Character - Ending the Knight ## The filmmakers discuss the challenge of bringing an iconic character to life, detailing the acting choices, fashion, stunts, and Selina Kyle and her tactical-ego, Catwoman. (09:22)

- Shadows & Light in Large Format - Reflections - Ending the Knight ## Discover the philosophy and methodology of capturing The Dark Knight Rises on the grand canvas of Imax™ film. (05:32)
- The End of A Legend- Reflections - Ending the Knight ## The filmmakers give their final thoughts on working on The Dark Knight Rises and what it was like to be a part of The Dark knight legend. (09:09)

- Trailer Archive - Play All (00:01)
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- Print Campaign Art Gallery ## 31 Count (00:01)

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