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A Tale of Two Sisters Soundtrack
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genre: Horror, Family, Queer, Juvenile
release date: Jul 22, 2004
company: Musikdorf
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

Music by Lee Byung-Woo

A Tale of Two Sisters
01. Prologue
02. Cold Hand
03. Dark Corridor Ver.1
04. With You
05. Crying Moon Ver.1
06. Crying Moon Ver.2
07. Dark Corridor Ver.2
08. Crying Moon Ver.3
09. Chaos
10. Dark Corridor Ver.3
11. Sad Memories
12. Woods Know
13. Time Stopped
14. Unreversed Footsteps
15. Epilogue
16. Lullaby
Three - Memories
17. Dampish Night
18. Dry City
19. Untitled
20. Road Can't Reach
21. Tear
22. Remember You
23. Broken Memories

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Eun-joo, the stepmother, welcomes two sisters who come back home after recovering their health, but Su-mi, the elder sister, intentionally avoids her and Su-yeon, the younger sister, shows a smack of fear for her stepmother. On their first night, Su-yeon sneaks in Su-mi's room confessing there is someone in her room and Su-mi sees a ghost of her late mother who hung herself in Su-yeon's closet. Strange things begin to happen since then; a ghost haunts the house and stepmother's birds are poisoned to death. Assuming Su-yeon is behind the inauspicious incidents, the stepmother locks her in the closet, and when Su-mi learns about the cruel punishment, conflict between the stepmother and two sisters gets bitter than ever.
One day, Mu-hyun, the father goes to town and Su-mi finds there is no sign of her younger sister, Su-yeon and Su-mi sports Eun-joo dragging a big bag through the dark corridor leaving bloody stains behind her. Su-mi follows bloody trace of the bag and she confronts with Eun-joo on her way of tracking. They starts to fight vehemently and Su-mi falls down struck by Eun-joo in the end... A while later, Mu-hyun comes back to the house and founds Su-mi fallen on the floor alone and enraged Mu-hyun exclaims that Su-yeon was already dead His exclamation awakes a series of memories and hidden secrets buried deep inside of Su-mi...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Horror, Family, Queer, Juvenile
Duration: 115mins
Certification: 12
Released: Jun 13, 2003

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users   (9.19)

Production: Bom, Masulpiri Pictures
Distribution: Big Blue Film, Cineclick Asia






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Costume Designer:


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