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Papa TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Jeon Gi-Sang
genre: TV, Drama
release date: Sep 20, 2004
company: KBS Media
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01. 파파 (박중철)
02. 이젠 널 인정하려 해 (Bank(뱅크))
03. 너를 사랑해 (정대영)
04. 그거면 돼요 (조순주)
05. Again (Insrumental) (연주: 정석원)
06. 날 수 없다면 (김우관)
07. 그거면 돼요 (Instrumental)
08. 파파 (Instrumental)

Total 16 episodes

Bae Yong Jun portrays university professor Hyon Joon who falls for charming student Seon (Lee Young Ae). After a romantic affair that leads to the couple's marriage and a seemingly solid family life complete with a child of their own, they start to discover the negative side of living together and their relationship gradually goes downhill. As a result they get divorced shortly afterwards. However, after many twists and turns fate pulls them together again and the two start to understand each other better than they ever did during their entire time as husband and wife.

Featuring everybody's beloved Bae Yong Jun (Winter Sonata) and Lee Young Ae (Jewel in the Palace) fame from a welcome cheery side, this drama offers K-drama lovers amusing moments with dynamic star caliber!

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama
Duration: 900mins
Certification: 12
Released: Sep 1, 1996

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Production: KBS
Distribution: KBS


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