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Star in My Heart TV Series Soundtrack
별은 내가슴에

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genre: TV, Romance
release date: Sep 01, 2004
company: Synnara
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01. 별은 내가슴에
02. 언제나 너의 곁에서
03. 너의 미소
04. 여행
05. 상처
06. 이별
07. 추억
08. 그리움
09. 너만큼 나에게
10. 사랑
11. 일기
12. 별은 내 가슴에
13. 너만큼 나에게(MR)

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Also Known As
Wish Upon a Star
"Star in My Heart" is one of the best Korean television drama classics that helped to kick-start the K-Wave throughout the world. This drama has all the perfect K-drama elements such as great storyline, star power, charismatic heroes, despicable villains and unforgettable music sung by Ahn Jae-Wook.

Yun-Ie (Choi Jin-Shil) was raised in an orphanage and later adopted into a hostile family environment. Yun-Ie's stepfather holds genuine affection for her, but her stepmother treats her cruelly. Yun-Ie even has cruel stepsiblings, just like the fairytale Cinderella! But this is a Cinderella story where Cinderella takes her fate into her own hands, and instead of one Prince Charming, Yun-Ie has two heroes to help make her life a success. The first is Kang Min-Hee (Ahn Jae-Wook), a young man who goes against his father’s wishes to become a successful singer. The second is Lee Joon-Hee (Cha In-Pyo), an operator of a fashion design company. Joon-Hee helps Yun-Ie with her career, and is attracted to her because she resembles his ex-girlfriend. But Joon-Hee is also friends with Min-Hee, and will not compete with his friend directly. It's up to this Cinderella to choose her own Prince Charming...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Romance
Certification: 12

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Production: MBC
Distribution: MBC