December Fever TV Series Soundtrack
12월의 열대야

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Also Known As:Hot Summer at December, Tropical Nights in December, Tropical Heat Nights in December
Director:Lee Tae-Gon
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Comedy
Release Date:Dec 15, 2004
Publisher:Pony Canyon
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01. 열대야 Intro
02. To The End Of Time For Cello
03. 미루나무 (Position(포지션))
04. 애수
05. Endless Love (오현란)
06. 나빠! (Roller Coaster(롤러 코스터))
07. Noman (심상원)
08. Tonight! (Roller Coaster(롤러 코스터))
09. 열대야 For Piano
10. 미루나무 Inst.
11. Endless Love Inst.
12. To The End Of Time (심상원)
13. Vocalise (테너 안형렬)
14. 열대야 Outro
About December Fever TV Series
Broadcast: October 27, 2004 ~ December 23, 2004
Episodes: 17

A married woman who falls in love with another man, and the young man who tries to seduce her?? as well as the people who chase after them.

December Fever is the story of a dangerous love affair between a married woman and a dying man. It introduces us to people with double standards and other falsehoods, as well as people who sacrifice themselves for family. In addition, it??s a story of a father and his dying son as well as a tale about the conflicts between and their mothers-in-law. It holds a mirror to everyday life with comic and interesting characters.