Oh! Pilseung Bong Sun-Young TV Series Soundtrack
오! 필승 봉순영

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Also Known As:Oh Pil-sung, Bong Soon-young!
Director:Ji Young-Su
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Oct 05, 2004
Product Made In:South Korea
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01. 180rpm - The Theme Of `오! 필승 봉순영` (Instrumental)
02. 멋대로 맘대로 (김길중)
03. Epilogue - [女] (이연주)
04. 나만의 것 (김기원)
05. 내가 더 사랑할께 [행복한 이유] (오석준)
06. 헤어지자는...거짓말 (김연우)
07. Only U (조성민)
08. 나만의 것 (Feat.손무현) (Instrumental)
09. The Way Of Life (오석준)
10. 난 왜 (장희영)
11. Epilogue - [男] (김연우)
About Oh! Pilseung Bong Sun-Young TV Series
On Air: Sep 13, 2004 ~ Nov 2, 2004

Oh Pil-seung (Ahn Jae Wook) is a lazy bum. He hates taking responsibility and is not suitable for having a regular life style. He is not a hard worker and has no plan for his life. Then one day, when he woke up, he found himself as an heir apparent of a top-notch logistics company. As for English, he can speak hello, thank you, how are you and oops only. The books he read in-depth are the comic book entitled 'fearful baseball team'. The six months of working at a pier for a cargo unloading company is all about his career. He doesn't use his head except for knocking other's heads in fights. Surrounded by top-class elites, he is forced to lead them as their boss.

Bong Soon-young (Chae Rim) is the manager of a large discount store. She can die for her love. She cannot hide her feelings. Whether she likes or dislikes it or whether she feels embarrassed is all there on her face. Whenever reading boy-meets-girl comic books or watching similar films, she tries to change her into a feeble, classic and pretty female character she saw in books or films, but to no avail. Nevertheless, she waits for her love of destiny and wants to fall in love with a prince on a white horse back. So far she has dated with 19 men but all of them have dumped her. Now she is about to start her 20th one-side love toward Jae-ung. Then a guy stands on the way disturbing her love and he is such a headache. He is Oh Pil-seung, who is least educated, makes little money and has no house.

Yun Jae-Woong (Ryu Jin) is a young and competent elite person. He leads a team in the planning office of a top-ranking conglomerate. With IQ 170, he has been called as a genius. He has never yielded the top place in school to others from primary school to university. He doesn't know what is a failure and the bitter taste of life. The life has been always smooth to him. There are lots of women who admire him. Yet to him woman is a temporary partner he can dump anytime when she is no more needed. From the date he was born till now, he has pursued No. 1 in his life. Then one day he falls in love with a woman who is too ordinary and makes mistakes all the time..

Noh Yoo-jung (Park Sun Young) is a chief secretary supporting Pil-seung. She is so perfect that men feel inferior to her. Her work is seamlessly perfect and she is strict in managing herself. She gives no room for guys to approach. The fact of the matter is that she is so humane and has many flaws. She is afraid of getting hurt and always worried about being useless. To hide her concerns, she makes redoubled efforts to look strong. She is a university alumnus of the successor of Chairman Shin and has engaged with him. Over night, however, she lost her fiancé. Then she got an order to transform ignorant Pil-seung into a person suitable to become a head of a large company....