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House of Flying Daggers Soundtrack

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genre: Romance, Martial
release date: Dec 15, 2004
company: Sony
made in: United States
case: CD Case

01. Opening Title
02. Beauty Song (Jia Ren Qu)
03. The Echo Game
04. The Peonyhouse
05. Battle In The Forest
06. Taking Her Hand
07. Leo'S Eyes
08. Lovers (Flower Garden)
09. No Way Out
10. Lovers
11. Farewell No. 1
12. Bamboo Forest
13. Ambush In 10 Directions (Shi Mian Mai Fu)
14. Leo'S Theme
15. Mei And Leo
16. The House Of Flying Daggers
17. Lovers (Mei And Jin)
18. Farewell No. 2
19. Until The End
20. Lovers (Title Song)

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Also Known As
Shi Mian Mai Fu

Towards the end of the Tang dynasty, the Emperor's rule is waning and corruption is rife, and many groups are formed in society to challenge the authorities. Out of all the groups, the most powerful is House of Flying Daggers. The government decides to send Feng Tian County's top captains Leo (Andy Lau) and Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) to capture the new leader within 10 days.

Leo suspects that Mei (Zhang Ziyi), the beautiful new dancer at the Peony Pavillion is the daughter of the old leader, and Leo decides to send Jin disguised as a warrior called Wind to rescue Mei, and to ensnare her trust so she'll lead them to the secret headquarters of House of Flying Daggers. But as Jin and Mei spend more time together, they begin to develop feelings and desire for each other. However, danger is lurking from all corners, and can Jin and Mei really love each other when there are secrets being hidden from both sides?

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Country: China
Language: Chinese
Genre: Romance, Martial
Duration: 118mins
Certification: 12
Released: Sep 9, 2004

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users   (8.92)

Production: Yimou Zhang Studio
Distribution: ShowEast





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