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Director:Kim Yu-Jin
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Nov 13, 1998
Publisher:E&E Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 첫만남/Introduction
02 Goodbye (Jessica)
03 메인테마/Main Theme From"약속"
04 Ellie My Love (박상민)
05 희주의 테마/Love Theme From"약속"
06 Ballad For "A Promise" I
07 구애작전
08 운전연습/Claud Debussy,Golliwogg'S Cake-Walk중에서
09 풍세농장가는길(Jam)/Performed By김준석
10 Blues For Sang-Doo(Guitar Version)
11 Goodbye/(Orchestra Version)Performed By김대홍
12 Love Theme(Piano Solo)
13 오기량의 죽음
14 엄기탁/대사
15 Blues For Sang-Doo(Saxophone Version)
16 Love Theme(Orchestra Version)
17 고뇌하는 상두
18 대사
19 두연인의 갈등(Love Theme Trio Version)
20 결혼(Ending)
21 Ballad For "A Promise"2
About Promise, A
When she met him at the first time, he was a wounded person. However, she saw him through his clear eyes hidden in the bandage. She, Chae Hi-Ju, is doctor and he, Kong Sang-Du, is boss of a bandit. The pair seemed not to love each other in terms of their position, but they were closed to each other giving up their own world. However, he was not a common man. He suggested her not to meet again, because he was worried about that she could be disclosed by the rival bandit. When her father was dead, her colleague doctor, Lee Se-Yeon, suggested her to go to the USA with him. However, she could not help meeting Kong Sang-Du again. Unfortunately, another tragedy was waiting for them. Kong Sang-Du killed a man in the fighting against the rival bandit losing his mind due to the death of his right-hand man. He hid himself and she was just waiting for him. One day, he came back to her in order to keep his promise for her.....
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