Only You TV Series Soundtrack

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Director:Choi Mun-Seok
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Jul 08, 2005
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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02. TITLE(Only You 경음악)
03. 사랑할께( The One)
04. Only U (박채원)
05. 여행 (경음악)
06. 평생토록( Project I.J)
07. Memories(박채원)
08. Only You (Swing Ver.)
09. 그리움 (경음악)
10. 넌 모를거야 (지무)
11. 널 위한 사랑(Love for you)
12. Love 허밍 테마(경음악)
13. 사랑할께(Piano Solo 경음악)
14. 눈물방울(경음악)
15. 사랑할께(The one ft. 한채영)
About Only You TV Series
Broadcast: June 4, 2005 ~ July 24, 2005
Total 16 episodes

Jo Hyun Jae and Han Chae Young lead this K-drama “Only You" scheduled to be aired on 6/4 by SBS. The filming takes place at beautiful and romantic location such as Venice in Italy. The PD is Choi Moon Suk whose previous project was “What Happened in Bali?”

A sweet & painful love, try not to be but become more attractive, try to hate but get even deeper...

Eun Jae (Han Chae Young) is a very stubborn, prideful, and head-strong girl who has a passion for cooking. Because she does not have an interest in studying, she runs away to Italy before she graduates from high school to enroll in cooking school. Her high school friend Hyun Sung, who loves her dearly and shares her passion for cooking, comes along with her.

Han Yi-Joon (Jo Hyun Jae) is from a wealthy family who owns a large hotel and various restaurants. He travels to Italy to attend his estranged mother's wedding and there he runs into Eun Jae, who had also been seeking the mother, who happens to be a chef, to learn the secrets to making great pasta. She comforts Yi-Joon, who is distraught over his mother remarrying, and they make love. She ends up pregnant and has to give up her dream to be a chef.

6 years later, they have all returned to live in Korea - Eun Jae working low paying cooking jobs, Yi-Joon taking over the operations of his family's restaurant, and Eun Jae's friend working as a chef for one of the restarurants owned by Yi-Joon and supporting Eun Jae's family, including the child born out of wedlock, financially because they have fallen on hard times. Yi-Joon still has feelings for EunJae and they run into each other just as he is looking for a new chef for his restaurant - with her in mind. The dramatic tension unfolds as the three main characters work out their feelings for each other as they work together in close proximity.