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Buzz Photo Album + DVD + Posters

Book / Photobook     Recommend!

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Product Details
release date: Sep 27, 2005
company: Yejeon Media
made in: South Korea
case: Deluxe Case

This product contains:
- Photo Album: 140 pages
- 5 Bromides(poster) for 5 members each
- 1 Bromides(poster) for all members
- DVD (runtime 60mins)

DVD contains:
- Region 3
- Lies New Music Video
- Concert Highlight (10mins)
- Photo album shooting sketch
- Coward Music Video NG scenes
- Coward Music Video Shooting Sketch
- Spine Music Video NG scenes
- Spine Music Video Shooting Sketch
- Journey to Myself Music Video NG scenes
- Journey to Myself Music Video Shooting Sketch
- Self Camera
- Highlight for Buzz (5mins)
- Monologue Music Video
- Eozzeomyeon Music Video

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