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18 vs 29 TV Series Soundtrack
열여덟 스물아홉

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director: Kim Won-Yong, Ham Young-Hun
genre: TV, Drama, Comedy, Romance
release date: Mar 22, 2005
company: Sony
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01 Love Song (조원선 (롤러코스터))
02 사랑은 유리같은 것 (박선영)
03 예감 (루진)
04 Memory (Monopoly)
05 나를 잊지 말아요 (양해중)
06 Flown Away (최민경)
07 단 한번이라도 (김바다 (나비효과))
08 So Good Bye (송은지)
09 오늘 하루 (Beon)
10 스물아홉 혜찬
11 Run
12 열여덟 혜찬
13 Snowy
14 상영 Story (Guitar Ver.)
15 혜찬 2
16 혜찬 3
17 Love Song (Instrumental)

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Also Known As
Eighteen vs Twenty-nine
Total 16 episodes
On Air: March 7th ~ April 26th, 2005

The new drama is based on the internet novel "The 4321 Days We Shared" a heart-wrenching story about coming to terms with reality. The main characters are 29-year-old Yoo Hye-chan (played by Park) and her husband Kang Sang-young (played by Ryo). The story begins with Hye-chan getting into a car accident and mentally reverting to an 18-year-old girl when she suffers from retrograde amnesia. In the story, the character Kang Sang-young, who is the same age with Hye-chan and who married her after 10 years of dating, is a top-rated entertainer in Korea...

Hye-chan, who was a beauty queen in high school. In 2005, she turns 29. But after a fierce fight with her husband, she heads to court to file for divorce. On her way to court, her car clashes with a truck, and as a result she develops amnesia.She only remembers herself as a senior high schooler, when she was sassy and outgoing, and popular with her peers. Kang Bong-man, nicknamed "Ice Prince" is the ideal of every girl in Hye-chan's school, she regards him as shallow. The guy she really likes is her senior, Jeong Shi-woo. But in reality, Hye-chan's husband is Kang Bong-man.....

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Comedy, Romance
Duration: 800mins
Certification: 15
Released: Mar 7, 2005

editor   (7)
users   (8.36)

Production: KBS
Distribution: KBS


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