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Yeonriji Soundtrack

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director: Kim Seong-Jung
genre: Romance
release date: Apr 07, 2006
company: Yedang
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01 사랑일뿐야
02 꿈꾸는섬 (Ins)
03 주어진시간끝에서
04 I Miss You
05 Salut D'Amour
06 For Your Soul
07 꿈꾸는섬
08 나보다 조금더 높은곳에 니가 있을뿐 (Ins)
09 내삶의반
10 널 보내며
11 마지막내숨소리 (Ins)
12 나보다 조금더 높은곳에 니가 있을뿐
13 사랑일뿐야 (Ins)

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Also Known As
Love Tree
Now and Forever
Min-su (played by Jo) is a playboy. With his attractive looks, money and position as a CEO of a game company, he can easily lure women he likes and simply enjoys casual relationships with them. His life, however, reaches a turning point when Hye-won (Choi) enters the scene.

At first, she is nothing more than one of many women he has met, but as he gets to know her he realizes that he is in love, which he has never experienced before.

Although Hye-won has to spend most of her time at hospital due to a fatal disease, she is always cheerful and not discouraged with her misfortune and tries to enjoy life. (Mysteriously, Hye-won doesn't give any signs that she is dying until their relationship is in full bloom.) As the story progresses, Min-su learns about the true meaning of love and Hye-won has the best time of her life, thanks to him.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Romance
Duration: 105mins
Certification: 12
Released: Apr 13, 2006

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Production: Taewon Entertainment, White Lee Entertainment
Distribution: ShowBox






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