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My Lovely Week Soundtrack
내 생애 가장 아름다운 일주일

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genre: Romance, Drama
release date: Oct 25, 2005
company: Ales Music
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. 프롤로그
2. 곽씨네 하우스
3. 괜찮아
4. 종소리
5. 소녀의 기도
6. 아메리칸 불독
7. 낭만파 부부
8. 기도
9. 울리고 있는 중 입니다
10. 새로운 시작
11. 책 읽어 주는 남자
12. 공권력
13. 지중해빛
14. 아이가 생겼어요
15. 우리만의 세상
16. 오빠 고마워
17. 어디에 있니
18. 금지된 사랑
19. 마지막 편지
20. 당신의 뜻대로
21. 가려진 너의 모습
22. 우린 살아야 하고 - Vocal 정재형
23. 세상의 끝으로
24. 가려진 너의 모습 2
25. 단 한 사람 이라도
26. 우리 Guitar Solo
27. 에필로그
28. 우리

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Also Known As
All for Love
Tough Detective Nah and sexy psychiatrist Yoojeong meet on a TV show and begin an unexpected relationship; To the poor couple Changhoo and Sunae, the only thing that matters is love, although love cannot bring them food; Former basketball player Seongwon vows that there is no word love1 in his vocabulary, but a cute stalker appears in Front of him and calls him daddy; Sookyung wishes to be a nun, but when she is left alone with super idol Jeonghoon in a hospital room, she finds her heart throbbing, Sookyung needs to make the choice, either the man or God...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Romance, Drama
Duration: 129mins
Certification: 15
Released: Oct 7, 2005

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Production: Doosaboo Film, Soo Film
Distribution: CJ Entertainment






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