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Come Back Soonae TV Series Soundtrack
돌아와요 순애씨

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director: Han Jeong-Hwan
genre: TV, Drama
release date: Aug 18, 2006
company: Doremi
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. Good bye (초은&현우 테마)
2. 러브에게 (To Love)
3. 너는 내 운명
4. 그대뿐이죠
5. Day by day
6. 돌아와요 순애씨 Main Theme
7. 회상
8. 겉과 속이 달라
9. 돌아와요 순애씨 Love Theme
10. 대소동
11. 속마음 추적
12. 순애의 방황
13. 외출
14. 일석의 노래
15. Pizzcato comic Theme
16. Nice Change

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Also Known As
Ms. Sun-Ae
Please Come Back, Soon-Ae
On Air: 12.7.2006 ~ 31.8.2006

It's said that you can't give up your chaff wives, but some of the men would betray their wives who support their family. In this drama, Yin Yishi is such a man. As his wife, Hee Soon Ae forgive her husband, even she knew that he has an affair. But, unfortunately, Yishi's lover, Chu En is a stubborn woman, she insists that Yishi and Soon Ae be apart and ask Soon Ae to leave her husband. At that time, two of them quarrel and fight in the bus, the bus was out of control and flew out from the express lane. Their souls exchanged with lightning and thunder ......

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama
Released: Jul 12, 2006

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Production: SBS
Distribution: SBS