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Hearts of Nineteen TV Series Soundtrack
열아홉 순정

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director: Jeong Seong-Hyo, Hwang In-Hyeok
genre: TV, Drama
release date: Sep 06, 2006
company: YG Entertainment
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. 사랑가
2. Love Waltz
3. 사랑에 지쳤다
4. 화이트
5. 열 아홉 순정 ver2
6. 잘못된 만남
7. 그리움으로
8. 사랑가 (Love ver.)
9. 열 아홉 순정 ver1
10. 삶
11. Love Is
12. 사랑이 오네요
13. 시작
14. 화살
15. 사랑가 (Guitar inst)

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Also Known As
Pure 19
Pure in Heart
On Air: 22.5.2006 ~ 12.1.2007

Total 168 episodes

Gook Hwa is arranged in an international marriage by her family when they are facing difficult times. On the way to Seoul, she has a car accident with Woo Kyung’s uncle’s lover. Then Woo Kyung helps out Gook Hwa who is going through hardships. She later meets Yun Hoo, and starts an on and off relationship with him...

More Information
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama
Released: May 22, 2006

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users   (9.5)

Production: KBS
Distribution: KBS
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