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When Spring Comes TV Series Soundtrack
Ǵ ̿

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director: Jin Hyeong-Wook
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Jan 29, 2007
company: KM Music
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. Ǵ
2. ״밡 ˱
4. ݾ (Title)
7. Magic trick
8. Boaster
9. Silver plate
11. Escape

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Broadcast: January 15, 2007 ~ March 13, 2007
Total 16 episodes

"When Spring Comes" is the thrilling success story of a social underdog. Our intelligent and righteous hero seems to be capable of everything but nothing works out for him in a family where his father and grandfather are ex-convicts. But his hard work day after day in the end bears fruit.

Families are our closest loved ones but they can also be the most hurtful to us. The story of an excon father and his prosecutor son underscores persistent familial love despite a repetitive cycle of love and hate, pity, wrath and forgiveness.

Park Geon-hyeong : Lee Jeong-do
A law graduate of a prestigious university, he has been studying for the state bar exam for years. He passed the first stage test but people wonder if he will succeed to the last. So for now, his prospects arent very bright. His faith that law comes before people has earned him the nickname of the towns conflict settler. His tenacity finally gets him through the final examination. Beginning his legal career, unlike his predecessors, he demonstrates himself as a new detective style prosecutor. He is accident prone at times but is always in pursuit of justice.

Lee Ha-na : Moon Chae-ri
The only daughter of a reputed family, her life, unlike her fair looks, has been close to an unpaved road. She had run away from home and theres nothing she hadnt tried. Her rough life has made her a heartless liar but her heart, as dainty as her appearance, isnt able to protect her. And then appears her prince charming Joongi! But another weird guy Lee Jeong-do also comes along, who meddles in everything she does. They clash wherever they go, whatever they do as their fateful relationship begins.

Park Si-yeon : Oh Young-joo
Female homicide detective Oh Young-joo! The energetic and vivacious cop however has a secret. Her powerful and prestigious parents are in fact her foster parents. When her father died, her mother abandoned her and remarried. Despite her dark past, she strives to live hard. Her new post is a police squad in Jeong-dos neighborhood. There they get to meet and she falls in love with him. But Jeong-do doesnt return her love.

Lee Jung Do comes from a family of legendary thieves. But he overcomes these obstacles, passes law exams, and becomes a prosecutor. Oh Young Joo is a detective and is staying as an officer in Jung Do's neighborhood. Kim Joon Ki is a classmate of Jung Do. He meets Young Joo through a blind date and has continued to pursue her even though she has said she has no time to waste as she is always arresting criminals. Moon Chae Ri is from a distinguished family and she tries to seduce Joon Ki until a man that lives the correct lifestyle, Jung Do, appears in front of her.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Released: Jan 15, 2007

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Distribution: KBS