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Lee Soo Young 2001 Live (CD+VCD)

/ Female  

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Product Details
genre: Ballad
release date: Sep 01, 2001
company: Fantom
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. I Believe
2. Good-Bye My Love
3. Loving You
4. I Still Believe
5. Killing Me Softly With His Song
6. Just Two Of Us
7. 천년이라도
8. 참아보려해
9. Dont Speak
10. If
11. 스치듯 안녕
12. 사랑이 지나가면
13. 흰눈이 오면
14. Never Again
15. 그녀에게 감사해요
16. "하얀마음백구" Opening
17. "하얀마음백구" Ending
18. Water Symphohy(춘천 물 Symphony)

1. Live Concert 실황 및 일본, 괌, 네델란드 영상자료
2. Music Video-I Believe, Good-Bye My Love, Never Again, 스치듯 안녕, 사랑이 지나가면

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