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Salt Doll TV Series Soundtrack

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director: Park Gyeong-Ryeol
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Jan 24, 2007
company: Yedang
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. Prologue
2. 소금인형 - 지영선
3. Palpitate
4. 슬픔이 올 때
5. 모진사랑 - 양수경
6. 느낌 - 김성철
7. Silent Heart
8. Blue Sorrow
9. White Lie
10. 천번의 눈물이 널 - Why
11. 그대를보내는일-이종원
12. Tears To
13. Hojor Dilemma
14. 일가 - 김선우
15. 춤
16. 구름산책
17. 소금인형 – Why
18. Sad Cello
19. Memories
20. 소금인형 Accordion Ver

Also Known As
Victim of Love
Broadcast: January 12, 2007 ~ March 16, 2007
Total 20 episodes

Unaware of the consequences that will tear apart her marriage, one wife makes the difficult choice of sleeping with another man to save her husband's life. Victim of Love illustrates the sacrifices that people make for love.

"Spend one night with me. Then I'll save your husband..."

In order to save her husband's life, a wife makes the unimaginable decision to sleep with another man, who has had a crush on her. Her fateful choice brings terrible consequences upon her life... A melodrama that tells a tale about the meaning of love...

After her parents divorced when Cha So-young (actress Hwang Soo-jung) was still at the tender young age of 10, she lived a life similar to that of an orphan and grew up taking care of her sister. In college, she met her future husband Park Yeon-woo (actor Kim Young-ho) and they got married before she could finish her college degree. 10 years pass, and believing that the life of a loved one is more precious than anything else in the world, So-young makes the decision to sleep with Kang Ji-seok (actor Kim Yoo-seok) in return for his help in saving her husband's life. Kang Ji-seok is angered that the woman he had a crush on 10 years ago would still stay faithfully in love with her husband, even after she had an improper relationship with himself. When So-young coldly tells Ji-seok that she has no feelings for him whatsoever and only slept with him to save her husband's life, Ji-seok is overwhelmed with mixed emotions of anger and shame. Seo Yi-hyeon (actress Jung Ae-yeon) considered So-young to be a step below her in the social ladder but when she overhears her fiance Ji-seok proposing to her, she is shocked and becomes overcome with jealousy. In a fit of anger, she decides to tell So-young's husband of his wife's infidelity. A rumor about So-young’s extramarital affair spreads among the neighbors and out of revenge, Park Yeon-woo has an affair, too. So-young is devastated at how her marriage is falling apart. Her husband tells her that she should have let him die instead of dishonoring him. Steadfastly believing that she would have made the same decision to sleep with Kang Ji-seok even if she could do it over again, she ends up moving out of the family home...

Cha So Yeong is a devoted wife to her disordered husband. Her first love is a second generation heir to a large finance company. In order to pay for her husband's surgery cost, she sells her body to the man who loves her one-sidedly...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Released: Jan 12, 2007

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Production: Shin Young E&C
Distribution: SBS