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Midnight Sun Soundtrack (Featuring Yui)
¾ 뷡

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director: Norihiro Koizumi
genre: Romance
release date: Nov 23, 2006
company: Sony
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. 辺٥ (ٴ尡 ǻ)
2. ߫ثΫ⫤ (ʸ )
3. ͣު ( ư)
4. Routine Work
5. 諦Ϊ~Prattitle (¾ 뷡)
6. ⪤Ī ()
7. ーի (Surfing/)
8. 髹ー (Classroom/)
9. 髹ー2 (Classroom2/2)
10. ӫǫ (Video Camera/ ī޶)
11. 諦 (¾ )
12. (ٶ )
13. Good-bye days~Yokohama
14. End of Cinderella Liberty
15. 青 (û )
16. 諦̪ (¾ )
17. ꪬȪ ()
18. Good-bye days~ߪȪ々 (ʿ )
19. Ѫʪ ( ʴ ޼)
20. 諦㪤- (¾ ~ȸ)
21. 々 (־ )
22. ֪Ϊ ( 뷡)
23. 辺 (غ)
24. ֪ت̪ (ʸ )
25. Ϊʪ ( )
26. Good-bye days~٥ (Ϸ)
27. Ī諦 ( ¾ Ʒ)

Also Known As
Taito no Uta
Song of Sun
A Song to the Sun
Can love really conquer all? That's the question at the heart of Taiyo no Uta, the tragic, yet beautiful love story from twenty-five year-old filmmaker Koizumi Norihiro. Also known by its alternative English title Midnight Sun, this 2006 romance stars YUI, a young idol on the rise, as she takes on the lead role of Amane Kaoru, a sixteen year old with a serious, life-threatening health problem. It seems Kaoru suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), a "sun allergy" of sorts, which makes exposure to direct sunlight a deadly risk for her. Since she cannot go out in the day, Kaoru spends her evenings indulging in her love of music, as she plays her guitar and sings away every night in front of the local train station. Singing is her only joy in life - that is, until one fateful encounter!

One morning, Kaoru returns home before sunrise, only to see a high school student (Tsukamoto Takashi, from Battle Royale) standing outside her bedroom window. Soon, she makes a special effort to watch the young man and his friends head to the beach each morning. Kaoru eventually meets the boy (named Koji), and they gradually fall for one another. Of course, Koji isn't initially aware of her illness. Things take a dramatic turn when an incident reveals her secret, and Kaoru gives up singing. But as her relationship with Koji deepens, Kaoru starts to change her tune and wishes to pick up the guitar once more. Unfortunately, her illness begins to worsen. Will there be a happy ending for this couple?

Having already spawned a TBS drama of the same name, Taito no Uta is strongly reminiscent of such recent "pure love" films as Be With You and Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World, making it one tenderhearted love story that romance fans won't want to miss!

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Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Genre: Romance
Duration: 119mins
Certification: 12
Released: Feb 22, 2007

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