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The Show Must Go On Soundtrack

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director: Han Jae-Lim
genre: Drama
release date: Apr 06, 2007
company: Universal
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. Corsica
2. Everybody Boubt
3. Ugly Duckling
4. Look It Up
5. Go Up The Stairs
6. Boil It To A Pulp
7. Bad Boyz
8. An Ordinary Day
9. Darling Darling
10. Tiny Painting
11. Pathetique
12. Time Doing Time
13. Green Man
14. Corsica II
15. Euphoria

Also Known As
Elegant World
Uahan Kangho
In-gu is a kingpin in a dark world. However, he's the sweetest husband and dad, full of love for his family. His only goal in life is to build a picturesque house out in the country and live a gracious life with his family. But, there's a problem. His daughter, going through puberty, is embarrassed about her dad's job and stays away from him. And his wife nags him constantly to get a stable job.

Nonetheless, he tries even harder to keep his syndicate together, thinking that the only way to be a good dad is to work hard and bring home the bacon. However, in reality, family matters get in the way of his business. To make things worse, he faces a power struggle against an ambitious underling.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Duration: 112mins
Certification: 15
Released: Apr 5, 2007

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Production: Luci Film
Distribution: Lotte Entertainment






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