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Snow in August TV Series Soundtrack
8월에 내리는 눈

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director: Yun Ryu-Hae
genre: TV, Drama, Romance
release date: Jun 25, 2007
company: Manwoldang
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. 사랑아 세상아 (태원)
2. 그대라면 믿을게요 (남주희)
3. 열병 (태원)
4. 유리잔 (태원)
5. 해바라기 (태원)
6. 배반의 시작(연주곡)
7. Waltz in August(연주곡)
8. 지울 수 없는 그리움(연주곡)
9. 뒤안길(연주곡
10. 나는 알고 있다[violin solo] (연주곡)
11. 8월에 내리는 눈 [Scat Ver.] (연주곡)
12. 빛바랜 향기 (연주곡)
13. 가려진 진실 (연주곡)
14. 8월에 내리는 눈 [Guitar Ver.](연주곡)
15. 지독한 사랑 (연주곡)
16. Waltz in August [guitar version](연주곡)
17. 열병 [guitar version] (연주곡)
18. 그대라면 믿을게요 [piano & String Ver.](연주곡)
19. 사랑아 세상아 [guitar melody version](연주곡)

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On Air: June 15, 2007 ~ August 17, 2007

Jo Dong Hyuk will be playing a 27 year old single with a six year old son who falls for Choo Sang Mi, a thirty-three year old divorcee. Her husband cheated on her and she suffers from the pain of losing their son in a car accident 3 years ago. This drama is about how the two meet and through a child they heal each other wounds.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Drama, Romance
Released: Jun 15, 2007

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Production: Carpos Media
Distribution: SBS

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