Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung TV Series Soundtrack
칼잡이 오수정

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Also Known As:Oh Su Jung Ko Man Su, Oh Su Jung vs Karl
Director:Park Hyeong-Gi
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance, Comedy
Release Date:Aug 14, 2007
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. 사랑한다면
2. Marry me
3. Come with me
4. 그댄 아나요
5. 사랑은 창밖의 빗물 같아요
6. 성공시대
7. Man to man (Inst.)
8. I love diamond (Inst.)
9. Love line (Inst.)
10. Sentimental (Inst.)
11. Grey shoes (Inst.)
12. Gloomy day (Inst.)
13. Choice of love (Inst.)
14. Warning! (Inst.)
15. Putting on make-up (Inst.)
16. Regret (Inst.)
17. Step by step (Inst.)
18. Lovely woman (Inst.)
19. Sad movies (Inst.)
20. Wanted! (Inst.)
21. Yellow card (Inst.)
22. Show me the way (Inst.)
About Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung TV Series
On Air: July 28, 2007 ~ September 16, 2007
Total 16 episodes

A love story about an overweight guy determined to lose weight and became a charming prince after broke up with his beloved due to his fatness. A money-minded woman, Oh Su-jung was attractive when she was young. But her boyfriend was an overweight guy Go Man-su who also called "Frog".

However, she became 'Runaway Bride' during the wedding day as she felt his fiance was awful-match to her. 8 years later, Man-su is a well-known international golf player and became a Casanova. Su-jung as a 34 year-old spinster has fascinated by him and eager to his love. In this reverse situation, how does Su-jung protect her dignity? How is Man-su revenge to her?