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Two Faces of My Girl Friend Soundtrack
두얼굴의 여친

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director: Lee Seok-Hun
genre: Comedy, Romance
release date: Oct 11, 2007
company: Mnet Media
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

1. 두 얼굴의 여친
2. 처음 본 그녀
3. 사랑은 창밖에 비
4. 등대
5. 같이라면 괜찮을꺼야 (Blue in Green)
6. 나도 있다
7. 라라라
8. 그네에 앉아서
9. 낯선 나의 방
10. 반지
11. 토요일 공원에서 너를...
12. 사랑은 창밖에 빗물 같아요 - 선우정아
13. 어느 좋은 날 바닷가에서
14. 인절미
15. 내숭녀
16. 액션녀
17. 첫키스
18. 너의 집앞
19. 흘러간 시간
20. 안녕 아니야
21. 보내는 마음
22. 시간의 문
23. 상처난 얼굴
24. 기억의 문
25. 사랑스러운 그녀
26. 잊혀진 기억
27. 하니가 오다
28. 장난
29. 인간붓

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Also Known As
Two Faces of My Girl Friend
23-year-old Gu-chang has never been kissed and his friends always make fun of him not having a “proper” experience. One day, he picks up a lost purse, which leads him to meet the owner of that purse, Ani. He falls in love with this lovely girl who is also a bit strange and wild. She seems to be a perfect girlfriend for Gu-chang only until he finds that Ani has multiple personality disorder due to a harsh memory of her ex-boyfriend’s death. Ani is just one of her alternative characters, and her real name is Yuri.

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Duration: 117mins
Certification: 15
Released: Sep 12, 2007

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Production: FineWorks
Distribution: ShowBox






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