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Sunset into the Neon Lights Soundtrack (Music by Kim Hyun-Chul)
네온속으로 노을지다

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genre: Drama
release date: Jan 01, 1994
company: Donga
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01. 네온속으로 노을지다
02. 노을 (상민의 Theme)
03. 끝난건가요
04. Pleasure69
05. 그냥 이렇게 ( Fea. 이소라 )
06. Love Theme From 네온속으로 노을지다
07. 네온 (규찬의 Theme)
08. 그냥 이렇게 ( Vesion 2)
09. 네온속으로 노을지다 ( Fea. 이소라 )
10. 끝난건가요 (연주)
11. 그냥 이렇게 (Vesion 3)

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Sang-Min, a greenhorn in society, loves Kim Won who runs a publishing company. Keeping Won who disappears abandoning his company under financial difficulties, Sang-Min gets a job as a copy writer in an advertising agency where she came to meet Seo Ji-Hwon a director and Kim Kyu-Hwan, a CF director. Due to continuous contact with Kyu-Hwan, she gets stimulus from him to burn her passion in her career. Then an important project is given to her. For several months she is engrossed in her work with compete and cooperation with Kyu-Hwan liquidating subtle emotions. Finally she finishes presentation and the advertisement gets big success. Suddenly Won appears to Sang-Min who gets resemble director Seo and disappears again. Sang-Min, who becomes pregnant, goes to Africa on her vacation to abort the baby........

More Information
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Duration: 107mins
Certification: 18
Released: Feb 25, 1995

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Production: Woo Rim Young Sang, Eureka Film Producti

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