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Soulmate TV Series Soundtrack Forever (2CD)

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director: No Do-Cheol, Seon Hye-Yun
genre: TV, Comedy, Romance
release date: Dec 28, 2007
company: Vitamin
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

Disc. 1
Heartbeat - Annie
Kiss Me - Olivia
River - Lasse Lindh
Expired - Douglas Heart
Bella Luna - Jason Mraz
Underdog-Overdog - Edson
Kiss, Kiss - Parov Stelar
I Don’t Wanna Talk About It - Julienne Taylor
Into The Blue - Laurel Music
Ignorance - Leslies
This is the Morning - Club 8
Can You Come For Me - The Poems
Milkyway - TowaTei feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto& Yukalicious

Disc. 2
Don’t Turn Away - Jeppet feat. Kjun
La Escapada - Narcotic Blue featuring Liz
시간이 약이 된다고…(Original version) - Postino with Mogi
Crazy Love (Soulmate version) - Blue 'Sorbet
5.Cream Eyed Orion (Sballoc Pordtaews mix) - Jeppet
Simba - Chami Project
Americano Bagle - MinamCollection
Hypnotize - Peshay
I'll Be There - 성현 feat. 성진
Ann Arbor - 이담(李淡) feat. 장규진(on Double Bass)
Kiki - Monla

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Broadcast: March 13, 2006 ~ June 26, 2006
Episodes: 13

The person you meet once in your lifetime that fate has brought to you! This person you call your soulmate. The year 2008, your soulmate is secretly creeping up on you What if my other half is really living somewhere out there; will I be able to notice them? It is a question that can be asked by anyone who is in their marital age. A time when matchmaking agencies are flooded with people! Try re-identifying the true meaning of marriage and love while watching 6 couples live the same life that you are living in. We will show you everything you need to know in the love game!

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: TV, Comedy, Romance
Released: Mar 13, 2006

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Production: MBC
Distribution: MBC


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