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Shinhwa Fan Book

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release date: Jan 01, 2008
made in: South Korea
case: Safe Box

There are a lot of Shinhwa fan books published.
We will get them as many as you wish.
All books are written in Korean.

* Shinhwa Fan Books are published by Shinhwa fans. Illustrations, paintings, writings, photos and collectibles inside. Concepts of each books are all different.

Please name the book and leave a message when you place an order.

* List of Fan Books * ($49.98 for each fan book)
Nabi War 나비전쟁
49 Days Yuye 49일간의 유예
Mr. Shamen Mr.샤먼
Mask of God 신의 가면
Dokmujinhongok 독무진혹곡
Missing Link 미씽링크
Mysterious Store/Shinbijuui Manmulsang 신비주의만물상
Witch 마녀
Dilemma 딜레마
My Stardust Melody
Morning Moon 아침달
The First Affair
Mesia 메시아
Bad Dog Towel 못된강아지수건
Please Buy It 사주세요
Shingiwon Eumyangsadan 신기원음양사단
Burn Youth 청춘을 불사르다
Handsome 6 Boys/Minam 6 Chongsa 미남6총사
Handsome 6 Boys/Minam 6 Chongsa II 미남6총사 II
Erotic Banana 에로틱바나나
Gisaeng Ilhwa 기생일화
Pyewolsung 폐월성
Udangtangtang Oldeng Story 우당탕탕올뎅스토리
Mediterran Sea 지중해
Lee Min-Woo Falls to Magye 마계로 떨어진 이민우
High School Entrance 열혈고교입성기
He Suits School Uniform 교복이잘어울리는그녀석
Pianist 피아니스트
Rebirth 부활
Tango Tango Tango 탱고탱고탱고
Hapil Rock 하필록
Sentimentalist 센티멘탈미스트
Evil 악
Invasion/Jamsik 잠식
Sexual Perversion 성적도착
Agassi, Got Time? 아가씨 시간있어?
Agassi II, Back Figure 아가씨 II 뒷모습
Say I Love You
Shall We Be Crazy?
December 십이월
Run Away
Gift 선물
Farewell My Love 페어웰마이러브
Man Who Read Love Novel 연애소설읽는남자
Shinwolgo 신월고
Lover 5th Anniversary Fan Book 연인5주년팬북
Hot Love 열애(熱愛)
Crazy Love
Dreaming Dolphin 꿈꾸는 돌고래자리
Killing M
That Guy 그런 남자
Kein's Tears 카인의 눈물
Flowers 플라워즈
Blister 블리스터
Delusion about Cat and Dog 고양이와 개에 관한 망상
So Romantic
Love 5:5 Love 5대5

* Following books are for example.

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