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The Isle Soundtrack

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genre: Drama
release date: Jan 01, 1999
company: Warner Brothers
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01. 섬 (Title)
02. 위험한 아름다움
03. 철사 그네
04. 빗속의 연인
05. 안개
06. 그녀의 섬에 갇히다
07. 강물속으로
08. 탈출
09. 노란집
10. 사랑의 꿈
11. 에필로그
12. 벌레 - Cocore
13. 길 - Super String
14. 사막 - Huckleberry Finn
15. 봄날은 간다 - 푸펑충
16. Blues For Mss - Doyble M Brothers
17. Dream & Delusion - Dream & Delusion

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A fishing place 'Seom' is at the end of a remote trail through the wood. This place looks totally secluded from the world. The landlord, Hee-jin, makes her living by selling food in the daytime and selling herself at night. One day an ex-policeman Hyon-shik appears this place. She watches him carefully. He looks being in utter despair. Actually he murdered his girl friend that fell in love with someone else. After unpacking around his seat of the fishing place, he attempts shooting himself to death in great agony. At that time she stops his try by stabbing with awl to his thigh, going under water. By this incident subtle sympathy grows within both of them...The police rushes in the place for inspection. Just at the time another wanted man that hid himself there is severely injured by the police's bullet. This incident makes Hyon-shik tremendously scared and he attempts suicide again by putting fishhook into his mouth. Hee-jin makes the police turn back and rescues Hyon-shik. She tries to heal Hyon-shik's extreme agony with sex. Now sex becomes narcotic to him, letting him forget all the mental and physical pains. They become intimate and spend their peaceful time... But he can stand her much addicted love no longer and determines to leave there... He realizes they cannot be free from each other like fish hooked by each other's hooks. And the unexpected ending is......

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More Information
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Duration: 82mins
Certification: 18
Released: Apr 22, 2000

editor   (8)
users   (9.5)

Production: Myung Films
Distribution: CJ Entertainment