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Younggu and Daengchiri


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genre: Kids, Comedy
subtitle: no available
audio: Mono
release date: Jan 01, 1990
made in: South Korea
aspect ratio: 1.33:1
case: Plastic

Also Known As
Young-Gu and Ddaeng-Chili
The ghosts visit to a closed town, and Young-Ku approaches to a ruined house, where the ghosts lay a plot. The ghosts worry about that their plot is revealed, but they feel easy after knowing that Young-Ku is a fool. The ghosts hurt people, and Young-Ku presumes that it is the work of the ghosts. However, nobody believes what he says. Young-Ku goes to see a monk, and the monk already knows about the work of the ghosts. In a full-moon night, when Frankenstein awakes, the monk, Young-Ku and children visit the ruined house. They fight against the ghosts, but the monk falls down by the attack of Dracula. However, Young-Ku throws his shoes by chance, and it hits the Dracula, and...

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Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Kids, Comedy
Duration: 97mins
Certification: All
Released: Jul 29, 1989

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Production: Daewon